Anyone knows these guys?

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A friend of mine asked me if he know these guys: BizBox
They claim that they a proprietary software that creates a website for mobile on the fly, while you at the customers business. Is that true?
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    If it's the same BizBox I know of, they provide a site simulator you can use while with a customer. The actual mobile websites take 5 days to be created.
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    5 days or on the fly?
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      Originally Posted by WeavingThoughts View Post

      5 days or on the fly?
      I sat through a webinar and they said 5 days.
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    Anything created on the fly will always lack features and design of more intricate sites. You also do not want your clients to see how quickly you whip a site up for them. Mockups is fine but for the final site you should be taking time and you should be making your clients aware it takes time, otherwise you devalue your service.
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    what a crap site, if thats indicative of the quality their software produces they can shove it where the sun don't shine.

    How hard do they want to make it for visitors to discover what they can actually do/achieve!


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    I saw the webinar Aug 30 They want $200 start up, $99/mo plus $200 for each site they build also and $15/mo residuals per site.

    Now they say 7 days turnaround on building site.
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