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The Next Web calls AppMachine the most powerful mobile app creator they've ever seen. Hype or heck no?

Meet AppMachine, perhaps the most powerful "create your own mobile app" product we've seen - The Next Web
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    Will they white label the builder so your customers can see your brand when they manage the app?

    Edit: Just spoke to them they will be offering a white label version of the CMS so your clients get the same as biznessapps without the per app fee. #wicked
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      anybody in the forum ever used Appmachine, if so, would like your feedback.
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        I may be biased, ( In full disclosure I sell White Labels on BA's platform ) but what makes this different then the other APP Builders out there ? What am I missing ?

        To me, their retail pricing seems on the higher side, especially if you do not pay annually and choose the monthly option, is the wholesale pricing that much better ?
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    It would be worth it if you get to download the raw source code for the app you build.

    This statement is wrong:
    Practically every other solution for making do-it-yourself apps uses HTML5. Every time you activate apps of that kind, you have to download all the web content first.
    the app in my sig is html5 and does not download anything, all the HTML is compiled into the app
    and works even when the device has no internet connection.

    Still it seems good value for both android and apple versions.
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