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Hi guys,

After a little bit of research I'm realizing that making your website mobile ready can be a bit of a minefield.

With that in mind, can anyone recommend a good service for making a mobile version of an existing website?

The website in question is based on Wordpress but it's a company website rather than a blog so WP plugins like WPtouch aren't suitable.

The service doesn't have to be free as long as it's good value.

Basically I'd like to create a simple mobile version of the restaurant's website that automatically loads when someone visits the site using a smartphone.

There seem to be a heap of do-it-yourself tools so I was wondering if someone could narrow it down and make a specific recommendation for my circumstances?

Thank you very much for any help in advance,

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    P.S. the mobile site would only have to be very simple with the a list of the main pages of the site and the logo at the top, but the ability to add a "click to call" feature would be awesome.
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      I have been using the MyMobileAdmin script I found on a WSO here and find it is very easy to accomplish what you ask for. It comes with a redirect sctipt and you could install it in a subdirectory like
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    Matt, do a quick search in the WSO forum and you'll find most of the good options out there.

    WillR, Quentin and Kevin Koop all offer some nice templates you can work with if you don't mind getting into the code a little bit. If you prefer WYSIWYG, the program Warren mentioned is great and easy to use, and the sitebuilder from JumpMobi while more expensive, is probably the best builder I've come across.

    I also think DudaMobile has a nice system and while you'll have a monthly fee for that forever, I do believe content changes made to a desktop website can automatically show up on the mobile site - so it may be worth the few bucks if they change menu items or add specials frequently.
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      If you are looking to outsource, I'd be happy to create a mock-up for you. We can even integrate on-line ordering if needed. Thanks
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        I know this is late. But, I've was doing this transition for many of my clients. However, our expertise is in marketing and basic website design is kind of an optional service when we run into clients that have no site at all or sites that are just down right embarrassing.

        To the point, I switched over to Elegant Themes for Wordpress ready themes. They have around 14 responsive designs. Responsive = design one website and it will automatically adapt to all devices (PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet).

        Nice because its all 1 URL and absolutely zero extra work.

        Google Elegant Themes and look for Themes and then pick Responsive for live previews. Of course this means switching your content over to new theme. But if your already on Wordpress, 1/2 the work is done with an import.

        If you want to see an example, I actually used Elegant Themes "NOVA" theme. Look at on a PC, iPad, IPhone (or devices of choice) and you'll see 3 completely different layouts, perfectly adapted to the device. But, I only designed one site. Everything else is built into the theme.

        They are freaky reasonable - $89 a year for ALL themes in Wordpress and PSD format including full support forum, which I can endorse as excellent.

        Hope this helps for your issue... To perhaps future consideration.
        - Dean
        Wildstylez "Mad Skills" Marketing
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    Have you managed to find someone to do your restaurant mobile website?
    If not, have a look at my portfolio. I can draft an kick ass mobile website for the restaurant this weekend and you can have it live by Monday.

    Let me know.
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      I have indeed found a solution for my mobile site and I want to thank everyone for their suggestions!

      I went with Dudamobile in the end and have been very happy so far... thanks Steve for the recommendation on that... in this case you were right that the monthly fee is worth it as the site gets updated with menus etc.

      Thanks again,

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    I have to vote for myMobi Admin for this type of situation. Makes it easier to update the food menu at a later date and also would allow you to charge "service fees"
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