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Can someone tell me exactly what mobile marketing is and how to do it?

Thank you
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    Mobile Marketing: Enables Organizations to communicate/engage with their audience (customers) through any mobile device or network. Mobile Marketing is also a channel for organizations to build new customers (list). You can learn all about mobile marketing on Mobile Marketing Association's website: MMA | Mobile Marketing Association
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    Originally Posted by networkmom View Post

    Can someone tell me exactly what mobile marketing is and how to do it?

    Thank you
    Mobile Marketing is about marketing for mobile viewers.

    There are different ways to do mobile marketing:
    • SMS is the most popular
    • Mobile app for clients
    • Mobile SEO
    • QR Scanning

    There are many more marketing out there..lost tract im focus these areas

    hope this helps
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    Thanks, that helps a little but I will need to look into this more not understanding exactly how to go about mobile marketing, but thank you.

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  • Well Denise your question is a bit, mmm, "broad" but I'll try to give you my idea on the subject, hoping this will make things a bit clearer for you.

    As somebody pointed out before, "mobile marketing" basically refers to all those activities that will help a business get more exposure/traffic/visitors/money and which involves the usage of a mobile device, be it a featurephone, a smartphone or a tablet.

    This being said, I see four main activities in mobile marketing:
    1. SMS marketing
    2. QR Code marketing
    3. Mobile website optimization
    4. Mobile SEO/SEM/Adv

    Let's see each one of them individually:

    SMS marketing
    Similar to email marketing, basically what you do is help a business collect mobile phone numbers of people that might be interested in what they are offering and then you help them create an appropriate message ("Special offer, 20% off if you show up today at our store in XYZ") and deliver it to those people.

    QR Code marketing
    The QR Code is that little square image that looks like a maze and that can be scanned by smartphones (with the appropriate app, so far) and can then start a phone call, start the sending of a message or open a website (or app) URL. What you do here is think about the right strategy, create the appropriate QR codes and find the best places to distribute them (local newspapers? leaflets? billboards? business card?)

    Mobile website optimization
    Given my background and current job I think this is the most important element of the "mobile marketing mix". Having a mobile optimized website (which doesn't only mean having a shrunken version of your desktop website!) is essential for any mobile marketing initiative, and I think is vital for any small, medium, big and huge business. So basically what you do here is help your customer build a mobile optimized website, telling them the best structure, the most effective solutions and them finding the right technology to actually implement it and maintain it.

    Mobile SEO/SEM/Adv
    Once you have built your mobile website, you need to optimize it for search engines (after all, it is a "regular" website, only optimized for mobile devices) and/or use advertisement such as AdWords or display ads to bring users and visitors. This activity, while being obviously specifically targeted to mobile users, is nonetheless similar to "regular" SEO and advertisement.

    So, in the end, from my point of view mobile marketing is a mix of all this - obviously you can specialize in any of the above activities but being able to offer the right mix is crucial to building a successfuly mobile marketing business.

    What do you guys think?
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    I'm a newbie here, thanks for your words~~~``
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      Mobile marketing is just marketing on mobile. How you go about mobile marketing depends on what your trying to promote.
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    mobile marketing is similar to blog marketing some people create blog some do create a niche mobile app .. this is just another example of mobile marketing ..

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    Yes this is interesting, I need to look into mobile marketing further.

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    Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a cell phone. Mobile marketing can also be defined as “the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication”,the “distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customer through wireless networks”. More specific definition is the following: “using interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders".
    Mobile marketing is commonly known as wireless marketing, although viewing advertising on a computer connected to a home local area network is not considered to be mobile marketing.
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    Mobile Marketing is a relatively new marketing tool compared to the conventional advertising methods.
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    Denise, check out this WSO QR Code Mastery..

    Originally Posted by networkmom View Post

    Can someone tell me exactly what mobile marketing is and how to do it?

    Thank you
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    Congratulations Denise, within 2-weeks you caught on pretty quick and now promoting your
    success with living app
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      took the words right outta my mouth !

      Originally Posted by BlueStreak View Post

      Congratulations Denise, within 2-weeks you caught on pretty quick and now promoting your
      success with living app

      free facebook ad trials . proof before payment

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    Hi Denise,

    Chris here with Grand Apps. There are tons of ways, as you have read above for mobile marketing strategies and techniques. We have actually just launched a new blog and video covering a few techniques showing businesses how to generate about $20,000 revenue yearly by marketing their mobile app with two simple techniques.

    1) Push Notifications
    2) Mobile Coupons

    *Push Notifications are read by 97% of people
    *36% of smartphone users have redeemed a mobile coupon

    These numbers are huge for mobile marketing. Watch our video here & read our blog here to learn more how these features can help with mobile marketing!

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions, send me a message!!!

    "1/3 of smartphone users would give up Chocolate, High Heels & Cable TV to continue to use their smartphones" - Learn more about mobile marketing at our blog. grandapps.blogspot.com

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    Mobile Marketing, anything in relation to marketing via cell phones. This can be SMS marketing, app development, mobile websites etc.


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