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Hi there!

I'm a sole developer for mobile and web apps/games but am having a hard time to find some good advertising possibilities to drive more installs to my applications. These are freemium apps, so revenue is generated via in-app advertising, offer-completion and in-app sales.

I don't have enough money for expensive advertising campaigns but I would like to share my revenue with everyone who can drive a big amount of new users to my app(s).

I would be really interested to corporate with everyone, who can drive good traffic to my app, either via a high PR site, a mobile app with a huge user base, etc.

If someone has a better idea, don't hesitate to post. I've searched the whole web with no success until I found this wonderful forum! I'm really thankful for every help.

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    If it is an Android app did you post it to alternative market places besides just Google Play?
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      Yes, we have already posted it to many different app stores but unfortunately this hasn't brought many new users so far.

      We want to increase our user base but none of the methods we can do on our own has brought any success. We really need someone who can help us with all that marketing stuff.
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    I think, I should add some more info about how you could help me.

    First of all, one of my apps I would like to promote is Tetris Tangram: Block Puzzle (I can change the title, if it's better for promotion).

    I would be ready to share 30 - 40% (negotiable) of the revenue this app generates. In numbers this would be US$20/day (now) to US$5000+/day (depending on how much installs your promotion can bring to the app).

    If anyone is interested or has some better idea, don't hesitate to post an answer or pm me
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      I've just checked your app. It's a pretty big competition you've got out there.
      Could you get me your email so I can ask you a few questions about your app and here's my email kyusho77 at gmail dot com. Downloading your app right now to see what it is. Ah, downloaded. Let's see...

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    Maybe there is some more interest ?
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    Have you tried contacting different app review sites? If you have a good pitch for your app, then even top-tier review sites would be able to give your app a much needed exposure.
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