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Alot of people already have websites so how do you sell a mobile website to them when they will immediately contact the person that built their orginal website.

With all these responsive themes I was just wondering how you sell these websites and who do you target ?

Sorry for all the questions just a bit confused here and was just wondering what the best way is to start in mobile is ?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in adavance.
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    Common question. One recent instance where it came up:

    My answer, which I've used with success numerous times:

    Let the biz owner know that you value the relationship they have with their web guy and you are not looking to replace him or anything of the sort. Let him know that you just do mobile, and that you would be willing to work with their main web guy to get the mobile site done. Then close saying something like "just to let you know, from my experience a lot of "web guy's" that manage sites for clients like you are not too familiar with mobile websites just yet. After you've had a chance to chat with him, is it ok if I give you a call in a few days to follow up and see if he was able to get you taken care of?"
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    I think your first goal should be to try to establish a relation with them before trying to sell them a mobile site. Not only for mobile sites but this is how providing services mostly works in the offline world. Once they start trusting you and know that you can help them grow their business in a way, they will not think about their previous designer anymore.
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    1. The majority of businesses who have 'web guys' are nothing more than a person who set up the website for them in the first place and in a lot of cases, they haven't spoken to the person since. This has been my experience.

    2. If their web guy is so great, ask them why he hasn't recommended they do a mobile website as yet?
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    WillR is 100000% correct! Over 75% of businesses have not took the next step in mobile websites! Why? Because their "web guys" are not so great in the first place.

    Tons of our clients do not have mobile websites and when we recommend it to them we ask why their "developer" has not. As you can imagine, we get tons of different replies, But similar to what WillR said in Number 1.

    So, where to start?

    Well, touching on what Nail said...building that relationship is key. If you are not already in business or you haven't sold anybody anything, you might want to work on your selling skills before even thinking about "what to sell". - But if you are experienced, let's jump right in!

    You need to focus on your low hanging fruit, the close business owners you know and see frequently. Our company has had a great response by doing the following.

    1) setup a meeting with a business owner
    2) come prepared with a mobile website demo (even if it's on paper)
    3) Show them how crappy theirs looks on a mobile phone (pinch and zoom, yuck!)
    4) Give them some industry statistics proving mobile is dominant

    These 4 simple steps will educate the business owner on mobile and show them where they stand. Majority of the time, they simply did not know. Also back to their current websites, businesses are constantly being taken over or sold & bought. New managers are coming and going. This means, they might not know the web guy. They might not even know who built the site in that matter.

    So this goes back to building relationships. Prove to them you can create value for them and help them out!

    There are TONS of more steps to sell mobile websites, these are just a few. Hope they really helped out!

    If you want to learn more about mobile marketing, just visit our blog.

    "1/3 of smartphone users would give up Chocolate, High Heels & Cable TV to continue to use their smartphones" - Learn more about mobile marketing at our blog.

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  • While I agree with ChrisAke 4 steps, I would add one, which I think can be the real deal-breaker: show them value.

    While "showing the value" of your product is useful in every sale, this is even more true with advanced and not yet widely accepted products such as mobile sites.

    So what does it mean to "show the value"?

    Well, the whole idea is that you are not selling them mobile sites because they are "the latest technology" (who cares?) or because their desktop site sucks on smartphones ("who's gonna find me anyway?").

    You are selling them a mobile site because it brings more business. Money. Dinero. Bucks. Euro. Whatever.

    And how can you bring more business with a mobile site? With a complete mobile strategy.

    Having a mobile site is no more useful than having a desktop site if nobody knows it's there and nobody uses it (therefore the customer would be right in saying: "I already have a website"). So what you need to do is:
    1. create a simple, beautiful and effective mobile site, optimized for mobile (meaning: click-to-call, contact forms, coupons, gallery slider, mobile commerce, maps, ...) and give it to your customer in trial for a month or so
    2. in the meantime, educate your customer to use the QR code to spread the word about it (put it on the store windows, on fliers, leaflets, print ads, billboards, ...)
    3. also, educate your customers to educate their customers: you could create a loyalty program embedded in the mobile site so people get used to open and use the mobile site
    4. you might want to consider doing some targeted mobile AdWords, a simple and affordable way to bring traffic to an optimized mobile site where prospects can immediately place their call or see directions
    The goal of all this is to show real results, even if tiny, which can convince your customer that what you are selling them has some value and can help them sustain their businesses.

    Remember, to be successful in every sale you have to think that you are not selling a product, you are selling a benefit. And the benefit of mobile sites for SMB is more business!

    Hope this helps guys - and thanks for this useful and interesting thread!
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    If I was Just starting in the mobile biz, I would start with sms marketing. It's easier to sell to businesses. Building a list and being able to connect with their customers instantly, they get that. You can easily show an estimate of their ROI.
    They understand coupons and offers in their print advertising and they think of this as just the digital version.

    A mobile website would be an upsell later on. Bottom line, business owners don't
    care about mobile sites,sms, or any of it. They just want more sales,customers,profit. And I think sms campaigns are the best and easiest place to start. Good Luck!
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