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Interested in developing mobile apps (iphone, ipod touch, ipad, android) for businesses. Games can also be created but it seems most businesses aren't interested in this. What would be the best approach to acquiring clients?
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    This is a difficult one, this is something I am trying to do and have tried to do in the past as I am a software developer and have written apps for clients before; first things first -- writing software is hard, and writing apps for clients will be expensive in terms of time and resources. This is why app companies are charging $10,000+

    Now in order to find clients, this is very hard. I think focusing on a niche might be the best way to start. Simple one would be sports clubs, like Basketball clubs, or Football clubs and offer them an app; you may need to do some kind of mockup.

    Another niche is gyms, especially MMA gyms because their own branding means more to them than regular gyms.

    Another one is trying to work with agencies. If you are in the USA, there seems to be a lot of requirements from New York creative agencies for app developers or partners; this would therefore mean some kind of LinkedIn strategy perhaps where you find the companies you want to partner with and can deliver the said product.

    I find trying to get clients who want to do apps is quite good as there are people who want apps; however whether they are willing to pay the price of a small car is the hard part.

    Thats where your marketing comes in and how you make it all about the return.

    Remember, most apps never make their money back; apps from my point of view are about brand retention, customer loyalty, not necessarily customer generation or lead generation -- this would be more for mobile ready websites.

    So firstly, do you code? Do you have a team? What niche would you want to focus on that wants apps? Can you actually deliver the software needed and finally, and can you perhaps partner up with creative agencies (large or small) to do apps.

    Thanks for now
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      Yes I have already coded for a couple of years now and I have successfully built some mobile apps and games. My problem I had was finding customers/clients. But I am really interested in some of the ideas you have given. Information apps or small task apps are what I feel are best suited for businesses. For example an app displaying a companies prices, time and email information. Maybe schedule an appointment too. Things of that nature. But as I said I really like the ideas you've given. Thanks.
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    Hey James

    Maybe I can give you some pointers as someone who's been selling apps to small businesses for the last couple years quite successfully . The best way I have found and I agree with Zardon, is to target a particular vertical. ie: gyms like he mentioned would be a good vertical to go after. I actually have sold several apps to gyms myself.

    The biggest thing people neglect to realize is that selling apps to businesses is B2B Sales no matter how many ways you look at it.

    The most effective way to sell apps to small businesses is by directly contacting the business owner by calling on them in person, now most people are not comfortable doing that unless you come from a real sales background..the second most effective way is by calling them on the phone.

    Most people have a hard time selling apps because they want to talk about all the features that an app could have when in reality the business owner could care less about the features, what they want to hear is how will this app benefit my business.

    When selling apps or any mobile marketing services you need to be a good listener more than anything else...You want to ask the business owner questions about his business so you can find out the pain points points he or she is having with their business and be able to offer a solution...

    This is from my perspective as a professional salesman all my adult life and someone who runs a successful business doing just that selling apps and not a real techie person...

    There's my 2 cents worth hope it was helpful

    Good luck
    Bill Holton -Appznation Co Founder
    skype: bill_holton
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      Thank you. I sent you a PM
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