Telling Clients How Long It Takes To Build Mobile Website

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What is a good length of time to tell clients it takes to build their mobile websites? I don't want them to know it doesn't take that long. What is a good length of time, 5 - 7 days?
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    Yes, you don't want to say you will have it finished by the end of the day -- that just cheapens the product you are selling and makes it look like you have no other clients to work with either.

    I would say a fair amount of time is a week.
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    What you also have to consider is your workload, I know people that say 2 weeks but they offer a 'premium' service which they can get it in 2-3 days (obviously with a bigger pricetag).

    Personally I think 5-7 days is a decent timeframe, but it's always nice to say to them it's ready a while before, so make sure you can still overdeliver when it comes to your clients expectations on timeframe.
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      5-7 days seems to be fine
      But it depends what they want exactly...
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    I ask when they want it, I was told 2 weeks ago that a company needed it for some promo work by the following day, I told them the $895 would be done however it would cost an additional $499 to expedite it - not back for a 6 page site

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      I'd say 7 to 10 days. Unless it's a rush job if you offer rush services. For rush jobs, an average site with about 4 to 6 pages should take 2 to 3 days. While the build tiem will depend a lot on what the client requires, I'd say these estimates will be spot on for the average site.
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    5-7 days is fine..
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    5-7 days usually. It's enough time if you have other orders pending or unexpected situations.
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    I just say we can get it done for you in a week or less. If you get it done faster they have no idea how many hours you actually put in and appreciate you coming in under your quoted time.
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    Let them know it depends on the amount of complexity they would like on the mobile website.

    I personally would say anywhere from 4-30 days depending on how complex it is.
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    i always say "3-5 days but that solely depends on your approval as i offer unlimited revisions." this way it takes the pressure off me and i dont have them telling me i was suppose to be done in so many days when they were the ones delaying the process with being unavailable or what not. most ppl i find are not in a hurry to have it created as they didnt even know they needed it until i called.
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    Thanks for all the great input. I am going with 5 to 7 days and that is working out great.
    Again... thanks!!
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    I think the most important thing is quality service, when you are satisfied with your work only then you should hand over the website to your clients. If you are experienced developer or designer it takes about a week to complete a website also depends how fast you can work sometimes it takes 5 days.
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    I used to say 7 - 10 business days . bcoz most of my clients are asking me to change the design after finalyzing. So .. Prefer to say 7-10 business days
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    I usually say 7-10 days. Could easily be finished before, but you never know what problems or new requests come through from the client.
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