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Hello all. I remember seeing someone post about getting flyers to some local chambers in order to get a group of business owners to come to their webinar or live presentation. Has anyone tried this before? What s the best times to hold a seminar at a hotel for business owners and providing food? Im curious to know when business owners would be free and willing to come to a presentation? Does anyone have a flyer on what they gave to a chamber? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated as I think its better to hit a larger group then one owner at a time.
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    Have you not contacted your local business advisers to see when the next networking event is? I have done this previously, took some business cards and did a 30 minute talk on how to rank in Google.

    I told them how and what to do, I closed by saying I was available to answer any questions later and then I went to the bar, I was asked by 12 out of the 70 right there and then to do the SEO for their businesses, I gave them a card and told them to "call me tomorrow and we will discuss it."

    I then started asking them questions about their business and when they called the next day I booked a couple of days up meeting them and accessing their needs and then told them I would do their SEO for $495 per month and I signed them all up.

    I did get some stragglers who had tried and realized how long it takes who also called me and I signed them up to.

    It is easier to deal with larger groups, more people but then you can see who are interested and they will find you for more information, making it much easier to do.

    Library's are also good, usually good parking and access and very affordable

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    I hate presentations as you have to take control quickly!

    Last year I was involved with a London 2012 Olympics project, went to a swanky office block in the Centre of London and there was around 12 people around the table and they had input into this one project, as I was trying to answer questions, no one was listening, so I packed my stuff away into my brief case whilst they continued talking and stood up - the room went silent as I started walking to the door, then the CEO of the company asked me "where are you going?" I answered that everyone seems to have the answers they wanted and when they required anything to call my secretary and I would reschedule a meeting.

    They s~##t them selves! The CEO told them all to shut up and to write down their questions, I then went and got a glass of water and as I walked round the room I answered each question individually and within 30 minutes had the order. If I had not taken control I would probably still be sat there waiting for the talking to stop.

    If you have a number of people in a room who want to put their input in you have to know how to control them - please remember this for your presentation.

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