How can I create a mobile friendly vcard?

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Need your help guys. Here's the scenario. I'm after:

1. A tool, method or a way that creates mobile optimized vcards (downloadable contact details). I'm not talking about QR codes, cause as far as i can see, they are static, so if you change your contact detail (move house fro example, you have to throw away your business cards, fliers etc)

2. A method of being able to create a link to the vcard so when that link is clicked on, the mobile users Contacts window opens up and promts them to save the contact details.

Reason behind this is, contact details are always changing, so would be great to have a solution similar to dynamic qr codes where you just change the end destination inside the admin panel.

Is this possible? if so how?

Or is there a work around by using a dynamic qr code destination ( E.g. a mobile landing page) and linking directly to the "preferably" one click vcard install?

If nothing like this exists out there, I bet someone could make a pretty penny creating a software that does it. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Hope that makes sense and thanks

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    You could use a simple link QRcode that goes to a webpage that will allow the user to add the contacts to their device from that page, this way you would just need to keep the webpage updated with the correct contact details.

    You could just have the link to the vcf file but I doubt that would work on all mobile devices as they all handle vcf files in a different way.

    iphone seems to be a problem.
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