Mobile devices traffic isn't that mobile :-)

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The major factor that divides desktop computers and smartphones is that the latter are mobile. It's a trivial observation, right? But let's follow the logic further, when we're talking about Internet traffic for smartphones we automatically consider it mobile as well, right? Hm...actually not really! According to the recent SandVine research tables + smartphones now account for 20% of home broadband traffic and that's is 9% up from the last year! You've heard it right - even though our beloved iPhones, iPads, Androids are mobile devices we do use them to consume media - music, books, movies and apps at the comfort of our home!

Ok, what are implications for mobile app development? Let's take a look at a couple:

We've heard many times about 3G data plans limitations that force you to limit your app's size, well - it's completely different story when it's about Wifi connection at home which provides much higher speed and much-much greater data caps.

Mobile device battery preservation. No, I'm not suggesting to squeeze charge out of those devices battery like a juice out of a lemon but when a wall socket is in the same home with a mobile device user you are way less constrained in terms of utilizing mobile device Internet connectivity, screen brightness settings.

You can read the complete study here - Sandvine_Global_Internet_Phenomena_Report_1H_2013. pdf
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