Will an eCommerce site look the same on ALL smartphones?

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Obviously you need to design your site with your customers in mind, so putting yourself in their position with regard to viewing your own site and navigating it is good practice before releasing it or when changing the design.

So lets take for example you make improvements and changes to your site until it's aesthetically pleasing on your own smartphone, does this mean it will look this way on other visitors phones or could it be completely different?

What do you guys do to ensure the site is nice across all mobile devices.

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    it depends on which script you are using but according to me most of the ecommerce site have their own mobile version so this version looks same on all smart phones
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  • You know what we have found is the *only* reliable way to check that a mobile site works consistently across different devices?


    Testing it on real devices.

    There's no other way - no emulator/simulator will ever be the real thing and you will be surprised by how many differences there are between two phones by the same maker, same model but different OS version (for example).

    So either you purchase as many phones as you can (we have about 10 here at the office, from a Nokia 5550 to a BlackBerry Curve to the iPhone 4S) or you ask as many friends/colleagues as you can to test the site and let you know how they see it (and send you a screenshot, if possible)

    HTH, cheers!
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