Help! 1st ever Mobile Lead but maybe i messed up

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Hi guys.

I've recently been trying to get local clients to buy mobile sites from me and was that desperate i decided to give some away for free. Without thinking ive possibly messed up my first sale, as they seem keen right from the beginning.

This is my original contact vis Facebook:

'Hi there i noticed that you are advertising outside pubs and have your own website and business cards. I recently visited your website on my phone and it wasn't easy to navigate without scrolling and largening the screen. I design mobile websites and want to help you, (FREE). Check out my recent design for Alfreton Cars on the left you will see what there site looks like and the right hand side is the version i designed. This doesn't affect your existing site. The new design also has a quick link 'Click to Call' and when your on your mobile if you tap that button the 'Removed business name' number will appear in their phone ready to call. Alfreton Cars - Desktop vs. Mobile Comparison

Cheers Shaun

This was the reply:

hi there thanks for asking is there anychance we could have a meeting sometime to talk about whats available and costings etc etc thankyou chris Business name my direct number is 00000000000

So here goes, i mistakenly offered this service for free, however, the client still wishes to meet up an talk figures about the new mobile site. How should i approach this as obviously i now want to make some money out of this mobile site opportunity without trying to offer other services.(although willing to listen to other services that can be offered.)

Please help me

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    anybody please
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    I don't get it. You offered the service for were you planning on profiting from this?
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      Originally, i was looking for a 'review type' of sale. for example the warrior forum, i wanted to give a 'review copy', however, i chose the largest transport company in my area not realising that they would actually take me up on the offer.

      however, they mention 'costings' even though i mentioned 'free', so should i still try and charge or offer add ons....

      i am just starting out and thought it would be good exposure, but as i mentioned they are the largest transport firm in my area so obviously it's only down from here... or smaller scale anyway.

      The firm are doing quite lot of advertising and are doing it in a slightly different way than most and i look forward to talking to them as they seem to be one of the few firms that are looking to invest in mobile/advertising etc.

      Can anyone offer any add ons if i had to offer this service for free

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    Just show up and be confident. State you're here to give them an "Obligation Free Quote".
    You are just there to talk about what you can do and how it will Help them bring in more money.

    If they like what they see, they will buy.

    Props on landing this through facebook! I'm going to have to try that
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    You could go there with a "free" option - a single landing page mobile website that has an ad for your business on it (small, and tasteful ad in the footer)

    But really, that isn't what they need. Then begin discussing the funcationality of a full featured mobile website.

    Discuss was the mobile website can be used to increase his business and ways he can use the site as a tool to build lists, increase customer engagement, etc.

    Then offer a full featured, multi-page mobile solution and quote the price.

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