Single Opt-In or Double Opt-In?

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We are working on a mobile offering where people will scan QR codes and reach a page where they sign up to our email list and get an on-the-spot deal for doing so.

The QR code will also have a URL to the squeeze page listed next to it, so that people who cannot scan the QR code can also sign-up.

My question is whether the opt-in should be single or double?

I usually prefer double-opt-in but am concerned that those on a mobile phone will not immediately get the confirmation email and click on it and then they will remain unconfirmed.

We will be running many separate campaigns for different clients on a single autoresponder account and I am concerned that we find the right balance between getting maximum sign-ups for clients and not getting spam complains which could put our entire autoresponder account in jeopardy

Thoughts anyone?

What do you do in similar circumstances? Single opt-in or double and why?


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    Are these offerings going to be located in store?

    I guess, where/how will the customers find this QR code?
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    Single optins will get volume of emails, while double optins will get quality of optins, so you can choose
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      Originally Posted by WalterW View Post

      Single optins will get volume of emails, while double optins will get quality of optins, so you can choose
      Actually, that's incorrect.

      A subscriber who enters their email address into a box on your optin page has absolutely no way of knowing whether you are using single optin or double optin. So they would still enter the same email address regardless. So someone who opts in and goes through the double optin process are still going to be on your single optin list so you are getting the exact same quality leads plus all those who didn't want to go through the confirmation process.
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    Why build an email list when people are using their phones?

    Build an SMS list and you won't have to worry about people having to check their email after theyh opt-in. They will just get a text message reply with whatever you are offering.

    You could have a double opt-in SMS by having them reply YES or NO to make sure they want to be put on the list. After that reply they are subscribed.

    I personally would not do double opt in though. The less hoops to jump through to get on the list the better. They can always opt out by replying STOP to any message.

    The way to build an SMS list and email list at the same time is to have people text their email address to your local number. The only problem with that method is if someone unsubscribes from the SMS list, they may automatically think they are unsubscribing to the email list, or vice versa.
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    I would go with single for the simple fact with double you will have a bunch of people sitting out there unconfirmed. Who knows with single they may see some info that sparks something in them to buy. With double they will never see your wonderful content to find out O.0
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    If it is primarily mobile, can you have it double opt in via Text. Or single opt-in and send a welcome text with easy opt-out instructions.
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    I'd go for single opt-in in this case. Less headache.
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    I also prefer single opt-in because you will get similar results more or less. There's less effort and time wasted and you can focus more. It's more efficient.
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    Double opt-in is normally recommended to verify that the correct email owner has opted in and it's not someone else entering their information.

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