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Hey all...

I have been looking at mobile products and I was wondering what the name is of the online site that allows you to see if a website has a mobile version (before you contact the prospect). Something like howtogomo or similar. You put the url does this search...and it comes up with the site's mobile version if they have one...and if they don' shows their regular site as it would look on a smartphone...


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      This seems to only check for i their a site for all phones? Thx.
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        You can also check through this site mini-simulator - Opera Software

        But my favorite one is this

        Hope this helps.
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          What you suggested is nice but, just to clarify...the thing that I used before was able to determine if a mobile site existed first...So, if I put my client's domain in to the url box, it would go to his mobile version because it is able to detect the forwarding java code in the head of the desktop site. So if it didn't take you to a mobilized version of his domain it would show you the ugly version of his site in a smartphone. Just can't remember what this was...but it's the best I've seen.
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            Why not just check it with your mobile phone?

            If you don't have a cellphone, use a web browser (like Safari) where you can set the user agent to 'iphone'. Chrome has a plugin that can do that, and probably Firefox, too.
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    Give this a shot. 6 free mobile device emulators for testing your site | Webdesigner Depot

    I don't know if there are any great answers to what you are looking for, but this should give you a start.
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      Sorry...I don't see anything...but still very interested!
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        Sorry most recent reply was to someone who I thought had forgotten to attach something...but now it seems his entire post has been removed! To xtirpata: You are right...cell phone at this point is my best option...I was just looking for this thing that I can use on my monitor...
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    There are a ton of mobile emulators out there, and there's tons of software to check if it has a mobile site. But here's the catch. The only way to know for sure is look it up on your phone. And even then the only way to really know is to look it up on an android and an iphone as 2 different results can occur(found that out today) None of them are full-proof, and if you are going to have to look it up twice, might as well as just look it up on your phone, and save yourself a lot of trouble.
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    • Profile picture of the author twersk're probably right. That's what I'll do...thanks!
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        Downloading Safari and setting the user-agent to iPhone is one of the best ways to check if a site has a mobile version. And even if it's not 100% effective, the few businesses you may contact who happen to already have a mobile version will get over it. It's not a big deal; a simple apology will do.

        Yes, you could use your smartphone, but typing in the URL of each business to check for the existence of a mobile version is too time consuming in my opinion.
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