Who has a good sales force and how's it set up?

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I'm looking to hire some sales people for selling mobile sites. I'm looking for a good system to do it. Anybody got any good sales systems in place? Do you have a home base website? Do you have software to keep track of everyone,,,,, how how how do you do it?????????


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    Try Google Engage. It's a free program for virtual agencies and marketers. It also offers free training on how to use AdWords. Moreover, they also provide free coupons for your customers.
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    The formula is commission only and use lots of incentives to motivate along with prizes .

    You must make it easy for them!

    How to do this?

    Find them the leads and set the appointments ( use same method for appointment setters) have them run the appointments and keep track of there closing ratio to make them compete against one another..

    I leaned all of this which I implemented into my own businesses threw ADT Security a fortune 500 company ..
    I was there top closer and broke all of there sales records ...

    I hope I helped ....
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    Oh I left something out !
    Get them all working to make referrals for salesmen and telemarketers.

    How you do this is offer a $50 bonus to anyone that refers a salesmen or telemarketers that brings in a sale..
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      You might also find Yesware.com useful if you're running a team of people who are generating leads and following up with clients. It's excellent for that!

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        Originally Posted by EmmaGraham View Post

        You might also find Yesware.com useful if you're running a team of people who are generating leads and following up with clients. It's excellent for that!
        I do use Yesware to track my own emails. But, I really want something that can keep track of projects, sales, and commissions. That'd be super,

        But thanks, you sexy lil' vixen.

        Robert X


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    Another way is thinking of all the existing sales forces already calling on your target market. Approach them in a joint venture. Give them a wholesale price for maybe a real basic mobile site that they can give away to their clients/prospects. They bring you in and you up-sell their client.

    ex. your local bank wanting to drum up commercial business to get business accounts and loans. they offer new customers a free mobile site. Bank pays you bulk price X, and gives it free to customer.

    ex. food distributor offers a free basic mobile page to their customers, which helps lock them in for some loyalty to that distributor, or offer it to new customers.

    ex. Eat24, restaurant delivery svc, just partnered with Yelp, and they got 1,000 new restaurant requests immediately. That'd take 10's of thousands of cold calls to generate that many new clients over a longer period of time.

    It's endless, any business has several people already having a relationship, or pursuing one. Make a beneficial deal to everyone involved. You've just outsourced your 'cold' sales/lead gen function. You go in and close, or you can hire fewer higher caliber sales person(s) (easier to attract on commission and keep around) to go in and close a very warm lead.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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    Yes, Google Engage, get your VAs to work through a preset list of emails, telephone numbers etc and then you can access it any time online.

    We offer mobile optimized websites at http://mobilewebsitecreationltd.co.uk/

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    You need a system. And putting up Want Ads isn't going to attract the right people.

    They will waste your time with silly questions.

    They won't know how to sell, despite what they say to you.

    Most of them won't even last past the first HOUR of trying to make calls on your behalf.

    Setting up a sales team is a complicated matter and requires serious expertise.
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    You need a system that sells,
    a funnel that converts,
    and traffic to that funnel.

    In my busines, the system and
    the funnel are done for you.
    And we teach you how to get traffic
    to that funnel.

    PM me if you're ready to
    take your marketing to the next level.
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    Google did remodeling with Google Engage, you can use this instead - Outbound Telemarketing Call Center Software, Auto Dialer, Telemarketing Software. With regards to tracking sales, you can use Officeautopilot.com

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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    I think you’re talking about outsourcing. There are a lot of small and big companies that offer the services of a virtual assistant or a group of them that will do the job for you.

    These people are trained well to perform virtual tasks for you and all you have to do is follow-up and wait for results.


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