What do you think is better for Mobile Websites: with CMS or without CMS?

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Hello guys,

In your opinion and experience, What do you think customers prefer:

a. Mobile static website: PHP/CSS/HTML (pure code)?
b. Mobile website with CMS to edit anything whenever they want, i.e Wordpress?

Thanks in advanced.
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    they prefer mobile sites that convert visitors to customers that make them money...

    ...anything else is a bonus!
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      At the end of the day customers do not care. They want something that will increase engagement, generate leads and boost sales. IMO a Mobile CMS will make your life easier and allow you to focus on making sales and not mobile websites.
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    Most customers are set it and forget it, and they couldn't care less. If they express an interest in making frequent changes, that's the only real time to worry about making sure you use a CMS. However, for easier maintenance of both a desktop and mobile site, I always lean towards WordPress with responsive themes. Only need to add the content once, change it in one place, and the same general design on both versions of the site.
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    my opinion is Mobile website with CMS to edit anything whenever they want.
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    Customers mostly prefer what you present them as the better choice. They usually don't have an idea about things as much as we do. They only care about profits. For static websites whose content does not get updated frequently, I prefer static mobile sites. But for dynamic websites, whose content get updated frequently, a static mobile site would be a pain.
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    Yes "At the end of the day customers do not care". What they want is pure result! But ultimately, for a mobile marketer, a Mobile CMS will make life easier.

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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    Customers will be asking what your thoughts are about it so whatever you are going to tell them, they will go for it as long as you deliver it to them confidently and that you really know what you are saying. They want things to be convenient for them so give them what you think is best for them. You only have to worry about these things if they are not generating any good results.

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    I agree with the post above that most customers won't care.

    But, you want to make sure that each page of your customers website points to a specific mobile page and not just a mobile home page. I've found it's been a little more tricky using a CMS when setting up these redirects. So, my vote would be for pure code
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