mobile redirect script not working for client's site

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I had someone make mobile sites for clients, but one of them is not redirecting. The rest of them are. I used the same code for all of them. Its a regular javascript code based on screen width:
<script type="text/javascript">
if(window.location.hash != '#r=off') {
if (screen.width <= 1023) {
document.location = "";

If I go to the mobile site directly (i.e. I type in into the url, the mobile site works fine. Its not the script because I am using the script for other sites.

The guy I hired to make them stopped replying to me, so I am not sure what is wrong.

I don't know too much about coding but have edited code before so can follow instructions.

It's just weird that the problem is only with this site.
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    Mobile redirects really should be done through .htaccess not javascript. Especially given that not all mobile browsers support javascript. Take a look at something like this:

    NingNing Wang: How to redirect to mobile site using htaccess
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    Thanks. I don't do much coding, so I cannot find the htaccess file. Where can I find the .htaccess file? I only see the index and the different pages in the root directory.
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    I found out how to edit the .htaccess file, but it's still not redirecting. Any ideas?
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    PM the website details and I'll set you up if you want or I will give you instructions.
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    Thanks Adrian,

    For the record, I PMd Adrian the details, and now its fixed. See the timing of the posts yourself. He actually fixed it over 5 hours ago.
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