HELP!! Can the new Google Planner to do keyword research showing mobile searches?

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With the traditional Google keyword tool being revamped and changed to Google Planner, is there still a way to see search volume for a keyword phrase, based on mobile smartphones? I know this was available in the old Google keyword tool, and it was great to use with prospects that didn't have a mobile website, to show how many people were searching for their business type (i.e. plumbers dallas) on their smartphone.

If it is there, let me know. I cant seem to find it in the new Keyword planner tool.
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    Not yet but they say it's coming soon. yeah right!
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      AHH! I was hoping it was still available somewhere.
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      Originally Posted by Rus Sells View Post

      Not yet but they say it's coming soon. yeah right!
      How so sure are you about this? Are they actually thinking about bringing this back on...would be freaking awesome if they did!!!
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        Just discovered that there is actually a way now to see mobile searches. Not quite as simple as the old keyword tool IMO.

        Enter the group of keywords you want the search results for, on the keyword planner page as usual. Then on the screen where it shows the total search results, there is now a button that says 'Search Volume Trends'.
        If you click on it there is a drop down menu with a few options, one being 'Breakdown By Device'.
        This now gives you a percentage and actual number of searches, for computers, tablets and mobiles.

        Make sure you use the option to get search volume for group of keywords, and not search for new keyword ideas. Or it gives you the searches for every single keyword in the list, so is not accurate.

        Thought I would share, to help anyone who does not realise you can now do this.
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    Originally Posted by Pak Voter View Post

    I did not found it yet
    Sorry if I did not explain it properly. Once you have typed in the keyword/s you want to search for, a bar chart appears above the results. The button is on the bar chart at the top.

    Hope this is a bit clearer.
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