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So, I've built this landing page for my local mobile deals program. I've also got a facebook page up for it.

Bend Mobile Deals

I'm wondering what the best way to get people to sign up is?

Should I run a text to win campaign to encourage sign ups? I'll just put up my own money for prizes for the first few giveaways. Then eventually I'll sell this opportunity to local businesses to promote their business. They can do a giveaway, but also give everyone who enters a smaller discount.

I'm looking for advice on the next steps. Facebook ads? Craigslist? What to do to get this going?

I'm also thinking of building a local mobile business directory, then having the top 5 spots be paid spots per month. Once per week I'll send out a message to my list promoting these featured 5.

Thanks in advance.
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    One thing I'm not sure of is segmenting my lists into male and female customers. Is this a good idea or will it turn more people off than help me target offers?

    Also, should I give customers the opportunity to sign up for email alerts at all? I want to give options, but the point of SMS to me is that it has a more immediate impact on getting offers out. Even though most access their email via their phones these days, a text with an offer I feel is still going to get through quicker than an email. Thoughts?

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    Bruha, if possible, you can set up a webinar, educate people of the value of your product and leave a link at the end of the webinar to get people sign up, make some promotions for that. Email campaign your invitation to your list. This will really increase your conversion rate.

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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