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Hey All,

About 2 months ago I posted a thread about a strategy Dunkin' Donuts was doing to get more subscribers for their app. They were achieving this goal by giving away a free coffee after each Philadelphia Eagles victory. (see the thread here -

I thought this was an awesome idea that could easily be used to help grow an SMS list for a local business.

I brought this idea to a client of mine and we recently rolled out with the strategy. They are a local bakery and are giving away a free mini-cupcake after each Eagles victory.

This has been working very well so far, word-of-mouth and forwarding messages seems to really be helping with the growth, we are now implementing this strategy with each local sports team.

Here is what we are doing for each sport -

Football: Free mini-cupcake after each Eagles victory
Basketball: Free mini-cupcake when the 76ers score over 100 points
Hockey: Free mini-cupcake when the Flyers score at least 5 goals
Baseball: Free mini-cupcake when the Phillies throw a shut-out

We give the customer the ability to sign up to each list.

It might not be as good as an example for a bakery, but it's the best way to do this especially for bars and restaurants.

Why? Because, imagine if you have a list of 100 subscribers for the 76ers campaign (basketball). If the 76ers have a BIG game...or if there is a big basketball game on TV you can send a specific message to all your basketball fans about promotions, special offers, coupons, etc. that you will have if they join you for the BIG GAME.

Now, if those customers are planning to go out for the big game and you send them a text, something like - "Come join us for the 76ers 1st playoff game tonight and get a free appetizer". Just think how many customers you will steal away from your competition.

Hope that helps get the motors turning on how you can help your clients drive business by using your local sports teams.
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