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by zahavi
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Hi All,

I recently got involved in a local charity which has come up lately with a very exciting, very innovative idea for raising money for a project which will help a lot of people. SMS Direct Billing is currently seen as the way to engage the highest number of people nationwide and also to collect the funds.

My questions are - 1) Is it possible to set up an own service and not having to go back through 3rd party providers of SMS Direct Billing? The way I see it right now this only needs a Legal/Government License, a Bank Account and the necessary computer/accounting systems. 2) How to absolutely minimise the costs involved, if there is no way to set up own service? 3) Is SMS Direct Billing the best option really? A Mobile Site (and Mobile App) with a PayPal button is all it needs. What are the pros and cons of SMS Direct Billing vs Online Payment?

This has the potential to generate very substantial amounts of money (6-7 figures) regularly. Can PayPal handle that kind of money, for example? Obviously their fees are an issue. What other online payment services would you recommend?

This project is in Europe but I am interested to hear ideas and experiences from anywhere on this globe. Precedents in other countries may help change local regulations as the main and only goal of this project is to help people with very essential needs.

Many thanks.
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    i heard that even in this method
    the carrier charges at least 40 %

    i find it unacceptable below 15 % i would take a closer look
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    That is very valuable information ctzulu.

    Thank you!

    I am more and more starting to think I/we/the charity needs to become a provider of the "premium SMS services". I wonder what this would involve ...
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