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About 2 yrs ago I set up a "Mobile Directory" for Restaurants in Princeton, NJ (Princeton Restaurants)

I set this up for a buddy who was looking for a way to make money. He got involved in something else HOWEVER he now wants to give it a go.

So....I'm now looking for ways that local consumers in the Princeton, NJ area (a college town) can FIND my Restaurant Directory.

I have some ideas and...I'd like to hear from others as to HOW I can "Optimize" this Mobile Site so can find it on their Mobile Device....expecially Tourists/Travelers.

Any suggestions are gladly appreciated.

Don Alm
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    Use your own idea, Don, and put table tents/QR codes on the front desk of hotels/motels.

    For colleges, you might need a CPA offer to win a free iPad or something integrated with the restaurant site, and notices on the college notice board, advertising the offer.

    However, far be it from me to presume to give sales advice to the master of selling!


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      Actually, I'm trying to reach people on the way to Town...in their cars or, in their Hotel rooms.... looking for places to eat.

      I'm assuming they bring out their mobile....bring up Google and type in, "Restaurants in Princeton".

      I'm looking for suggestions on how my "Restaurant Mobile Directory" can be seen on the first page of Google, for these Keywords, on their mobile.

      Don Alm
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    Hey Don - have you seen the first page of results when searching for "restaurants in princeton nj" on your mobile?

    There are some heavy hitters there including Yelp and Trip Advisor and not to mention a handful of google places listings that take up at least 1/2 the page and some other dining related sites that seem to have been around for quite a while.

    Not to say it couldn't be done, but I think you'd need to start with some good keyword research, buy a domain with the most relevant keywords in it, develop good content with those keywords and the after months of promoting and building links you could possibly make it to page one.

    Or, just see what it costs to use google advertising to get your directory to the top of page one - that's probably your quickest and cheapest route to first place for that search.


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      Hey Steve...thanks for responding. Let me ask you if the following will work;

      I'm getting pretty good at getting Videos Ranked and I've found that "a Full Color Thumbnail" with a person or persons in it, on the 1st page (for the keyword) gets LOTS of clicks because it "stands out" against all the "text" listings.

      So...if I can get consumers to click a "Generic 1 min Video", with a Link to my Directory, I'm thinking I "should" get good traffic to the Directory and....provide good exposure for participating restaurants.

      What say you?

      Don Alm
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    It's certainly worth a try Don and I do think Videos can get ranked on the fist page rather quickly, I just don't know if Google favors videos when it comes to searches on mobile devices or not. With the other videos you've gotten ranked, do they still hit the first page when searching those terms on a mobile phone?

    Just took another look at the search results I saw last night and noticed the two paid ads are unfortunately at the bottom of a long page, but if they're only paying a little per click, that might not be so terrible then.

    When it comes to marketing I think anything is worth testing though, esp if you can do it without spending a whole lot of money on it. ;-)

    Just my opinions though as I've not tested or played with any of that myself.

    All the best,


    P.S. Just did a quick search for someone I know who's got lots of page one results including videos, and the videos are also listed when searching on my phone, so it sounds like this may just work in this case. :-)
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