Best sms marketing provider in Australia?

by BennyP
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Hey guys,

So I've been lurking in this thread for a bit and it seems that the vast majority of sms providers mentioned do not include Australia yet.

Would anyone know the best platform to go with in Australia? I've found one that is 8 cents per txt, is that good?

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    BennyP thanks for bringing this up. I would also like to know what are the options in Australia as I am planning to expand my mobile marketing. Would love to hear anyone here, thanks in advance!

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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    In my experience if you buy enough (and I mean a LOT) you can get them for as little as around 6c each but they will most likely be generated from an overseas number which is not the best look for a business.

    As yet (and I haven't looked this year) I've not found an SMS provider that sent from an Australian number and was cheap enough for us to make a case to small business. I was looking deeply last year but gave up. It was cheaper for me to set up groups of (300) contacts in my iPhone and send them manually which is not what anyone wants to be doing - though I heard of it from someone who was using that exact method to do quite well.

    I just did a quick search and the same old players are still at or near the top of the serps but some new players seem to have popped up. As for who "the best" is, you're going to have to share what parameters "best" is to be judged by.
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