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Hey folks.....THIS is "Home Show" time in America!

A time when "Home Shows" are happening, mostly in Fairground venues (check your local paper)

So....in my small town rural area there's a Home Show coming up this Fri, Sat & Sun. at our local FairGround..... 136 booths full of businesses INTERESTED in Advertising to reach "HOME Owners"!

What more of a "niche" market could you ask for. Businesses that have committed MONEY and....TIME.....to try and reach local HomeOwners to get them to SPEND MONEY for Home-Improvement or...whatever.

By "whatever" I mean...here's an Event that is trying to entice people WITH MONEY TO SPEND.....to Come-On-In and see what's available to make your Home....more comfortable etc

And....since "People With Money To Spend" are being Enticed to come.... biznesses that have Nothing to do with "Home Improvement".....also come, trying to get some of the CASH these "HomeOwners" have.

So....why should little ol' you be interested in local Home Shows?

Well.....in our Show there are 136 Biznesses who have rented a Booth to entice local home owners to BUY THEIR PRODUCTS or SERVICES!

These biznesses have PROVEN they want to reach Home Owners.

So....why not offer these biz something they have already shown they are interested in....LOCAL HOME OWNERS!

Well....what if little ol' you were to simply take your Cell Phone and visit each booth (where the person who can write you a check is standing....aka "The Biz Owner" ...136 of them in ONE location (2 bldgs.)

Just ask who the Owner is (I use, "Boss").....approach the "Boss" and say,

"Hi, I'm a Local Guy and I'd like to show you something.
(whip out your cell and go to www.Mob.is.it/showsite and type in the biz website of the biz owner you're talking to....and YOUR "mobile optimized Sample Site)

Show the biz owner what his site looks like on a Cell Phone and what it COULD look like....IF....you made his site "Mobile Optimized"!

Yikes....I can't wait. Friday at 10am is when the doors open and WHAM.... lookout....HERE I COME!

You Kidding me...136 people who can WRITE ME A CHECK, for a Service that will benefit their biz????? Yahoo! Can't wait!

Don Alm....Idea Guy AND...."DOER" from waay baack
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    I know I'm going to one this weekend, and you can usually find a listing of exhibitors on the show website prior to visiting. This will be the 3rd home/garden type show in my area this month.
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    @don - i totally agree you can beat actual hands on examples when it comes to showing potential clients the benefits of mobile, i also use this technique for showing qr codes/qr code tracking and sms too.

    However i dont think there really is any need to use that tool on your phone, just show them directly on your phones browser what their site looks like...

    A lot of people make the mistake of using an online emulator to show people what their site looks like on a phone - but forget to realize that in most cases these emulators are in fact just using a regular iframe to display the sites and dont allow for any form of user agent detection. Showing a client what their site looks like using this form of emulation doesn't always give a true representation of what their site looks like on a cell phone.

    Take for example the following - use that tool to look at www.walmart.com and/or www.adidas.com then take a look at those sites on your actual phone - you will see what i am talking about, the iframe version just squeezes the desktop site into the emulator where as on your phone you are presented with a mobile optimized site.... huge difference between whats shown on the emulator and whats actually shown on your phone....

    if you want to prevent yourself from being in an awkward situation! i really recommend you always check on your actual phone to see what their site looks like first - the last thing you want is a client showing you they actually have a true mobile optimized site.

    if you are doing research while sat at your desk on your computer - use a qr code generator plugin for your browser to quickly convert sites urls to qr codes so you dont spend have your time typing the addresses into your phones browser - this is the one i use for firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/En-US/fir...bile-barcoder/

    Sorry, I am too busy helping people to think of a cool signature!
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      So.....I discovered something about "Mobile"; Most of the biz owners I spoke to talked about "LEADS".....How can my making a "Mobile Site" for them BRING THEM MORE BIZ?

      So...I went to "Plan B".

      Plan "B" is a "Mobile Directory" site for the Town and....2 methods of getting people FIND the site is'
      1) Send "Welcome" PostCards (that contains a QRCode) to new residents.
      2) Place Displays on Hotel front desk counters (with a QR Code)

      And....I will also run some local Ads.

      I will give each participant ONE Page (except Restaurants I will give a Lunch & Dinner page to)

      And.....I WILL charge a "handsome" Monthly fee.

      Don Alm

      Ohhh....I'm creating the Mobile Page for each participating biz...IN ADVANCE. Then when I tell the biz owner "I've created a Mobile Page for you in my Town Mobile Directory!" Then I tell them each biz has an EXCLUSIVE and...if he doesn't want the Exclusive Page....I'll offer to a Competitor.
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        The great thing about selling a "Mobile Directory" is, I create ONE page for each sponsor (1 Mexican restaurant, 1 Plumber, 1 shoe store, 1 Auto Repair...etc)

        and.....I can include prospects that;
        1) already have a Mobile Site
        2) have a website but do not have a Mobile Site
        3) do not have a regular website

        The "field" is WIDE Open and...."Home Sales" are UP (in my area) and realtors are looking for a Banner year. Go Get Em'!

        Don Alm....go-getter from waay back
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          Wow! BIG Home Show in Eugene, Oregon today. 300 exhibitors.

          I have WillR's "mock-up" program and I'll be stopping at booths, finding the owner...whipping out my cell and showing what his website looks like on my phone and what it SHOULD look like (by showing a mobi site of one of my accounts.

          "Quick-Cash"! They either want it or they don't.

          And...as an "Instant UP-Grade" I'll show my "Mobile Directory" and the PostCard (with QRCode to scan) I'll be sending to "New Residents" every month.....for "Residuals"!

          LOVE those monthly payments!

          So...consider 2 things;
          1) Prospecting at Home Shows
          2) Setting up a local "Mobile Directory" for New Residents

          Hey! These biznesses popped for a Booth which places them in the Category of....'Willing To Spend Money To Reach Local HomeOwners"!

          HOT Prospects!

          Have a great day.

          Don Alm
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            Ooppps....let me add something. "Restaurants" ALSO rent Booths at Home Shows!

            So.....what I'll be doing with Restaurants is showing them HOW my "Mobile" program can bring them More Diners from "Travelers/Tourists" staying at local hotels/motels.

            I've set up a "Mobile Restaurant Directory" similar to this one.... Princeton Restaurants (The 1st 2 cuisine categories (American & BBQ) are live so you can see what the restaurant pages look like)

            Then....I will show them the Display I'll be setting up on the counters at 20 local hotels/motels. It also contains a QR Code with pictures of food plates and the words; "SCAN HERE for Places To Eat!"

            THIS provides "evidence" on how I can bring Diners TO their restaurant.

            Gotta go....clients are waiting to give me money!

            Don Alm
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