Need help: PDF to App - Do I need a system or can I do it myself?

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Hi everybody!

I've just created my first issue of a magazine. I've started with pages (doesn't work really with new version) and switched to scribus (open-source publisher).
I also bought a five gig, but the "designer" just needed a lot of time and excuses and the result was very disappointing.
Now after learning to use the program I "designed" a pdf with links and nice cover (in photoshop) and have had a lot of fun doing so.

Now I can send this pdf via email, but I also want to turn it into a newsstand app.
(+google play/kindle). I did a research and most of the time the publisher (pdf converter to html5) sell a server and want monthly subscription.
I want to be independent and guess it can't be to hard to build this app.
I have a Mac and xcode, still need the developer account for 99$/80 Eur.

Do I have to build it new in xcode? Isn't there a template available in xcode for newsstand? Do I have to place all the items pic, text, link etc.? my myself? I guess I can do that, but still want to look for a quicker and easier way

What about baker framework/html5 ? Does it make sense?

Isn't there an app I can use?

Does it make sense to use newsstand at all? Can I apply for newsstand and as an "normal" app?

I want to give my magazine away for free and like the push-notification in newsstand.
Do I still get the subscriber emails/details? or just a number from apple?

My magazine is not in English, this makes outsourcing a bit harder. But I would love to hear, how you publish your magazines.

The set-up it the hardest and I want to focus on my magazine - much more fun.

Thank you for ideas, experiences you made and all kind of tips!
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    You could try making the app as a sort of frontend to a website that has the issues of the magazine stored on it. The app can just show the latest issue from the website then you could just use html5 for the magazine issues.

    Or the app could show a live list of magazine issues and when a user selects an issue it downloads the pdf version to the device.
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      Thank you very much for the ideas Valdor.
      I don't understand the first idea. I don't want to turn a blog into a magazine. It is "just" a magazine.
      I know, I can make a link to the app to download it on a device, but first I have to produce the app and issues.
      Today I am going to convert it into html5 (via bakerframework). I think it the best way and easiest way. Still struggling to get to itunes/newsstand...and make it a bit interactive - not just a pdf.
      Do you have an example for me?
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