Instagram - How to monetize?

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Hi all,

I have a few Instagram accounts that are nearing 5k followers. Since 99% of the traffic is mobile, can anyone suggest a method of monetization? Thanks

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    Well, if great number of followers are from one place, not around the world, you can ask for e.g motels, smaller hotels to take a few pictures of their accomodations and you will say to them that you want to publish it through your insta channel, you can add location, number etc.... just say what are the advantages adn where are they in that business. At the end you can agree with some smaller monthly amounts that you will receive from them as contributor to their business.

    I hope my post was hellpful
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    mix87 thanks for the tips!

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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    No problem Ray.

    I'm here to help in areas that i know. If someone are interested in SMS services i can help here too.
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    Grow Your Mailing List

    First, let’s start with growing your mailing list. For all of these tips, make sure you include a customized squeeze page for your mailing list that matches the image / video that you share on Instagram.

    Promote Webinars

    A webinar is a great way to sell products, as the conversion rate is significantly higher than email blasts and sales pages alone. The more people in attendance, the better. Here are some tips to promote your webinar on Instagram.
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    I think instagram can be used like text marketing. For example, the deli can have a sign that says "Add us on instagram @bestdeli for weekly Specials". Then when the customers add this deli. You can send out an image with text for what ever the special is. You can have multiple instagram accounts you just have to keep track of the username and passwords.

    Newbies PM me if you need simple answers to simple questions. Don't waste too much time figuring things out (being lost) when all you have to do is ask for directions.

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    I use Instagram for upcoming apps that I create such as android games, just upload some pics and leave the rest to my followers to either purchase the app or download my free apps which I use Chartboost ads and Vungle for monetization.


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    contact one magazine please
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