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Hi Warriors!

We want to add an option on our website that will allow people to register a phone number to receive text messages when we update certain elements of the website. We have an email list but the content we send is time sensitive and we've found a lot of people aren't checking their emails quick enough.

What's the cheapest solution to be able to send bulk SMS messages to subscribed numbers? It's not spam, subscribed only.

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    There's a lot of great SMS solutions out there that with a simple Google search you find a number different vendors.

    Things to consider include:
    - Live Tech Support
    - Reliability, how long has the provider been in the mobile space
    - Overall feature set, for scalability

    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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      Originally Posted by JTV View Post

      Check out my sig for more information regarding this. We offer web-based software and one of the features is an opt-in widget form builder which would allow you place these forms on websites where someone can register their phone number to be added to your contact list.
      I tried to access the admin/members area and it's throwing a major PHP error.

      You need to cheek it. Looks like PHP has been updated and not configured correctly.
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    Yes there are many options out there and it is hard to select the "cheapest" because there is so much more that needs to be part of your decision.

    What services are a must?
    What is the budget that you have in place?
    Type of campaigns that you are interested in utilizing?

    The number one most important is: Experience

    You want the provider selected to not only understand how to make text marketing work, but someone that has proven experience doing so.The company should also be complaint with FCC rules and regulations.

    Do a search on here as there are a plethora of good threads with many companies that you can take a look at to get a better picture.
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    Hi Smith,

    Contact me if you still need or searching for good service.
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  • Smith, which service did you opt to go with and do you have any feedback to share with other WF members?

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