How to promote game installs?

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Any guru here?
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    Lots of ways.

    81 Different Ways to Promote Your Mobile App / Game » Tapgage Blog

    lists 81 of them, including:

    1) Have a catchy Title that stands out from the rest. (Blog post)

    2) Create an attractive (Sexy) icon that stands out from the rest. (Article 1) (Article 2)

    3) Use relevant keyword to describe your app on the App Store. (ASO Tool)

    4) App Size – Reducing the app size allows users on 3G to download with ease. (>50mb)

    5) Reviews – Encourage users to review your app, as higher rating attracts users.

    6) Free Apps – Attract more users compared to paid apps.

    7) Promo Codes – If you have a paid app give away promo codes so users can try it out and tell their friends.

    8) Submit your application to various app directories such as Appolocious.

    9) Promote your app with a Facebook Page.

    10) Promote your app with a Twitter Profile.

    11) Create a Youtube Video of your App.

    12) App Review Website – Submit your app to review websites such as Crazy Mikes Apps and

    13) Press Release – Use press release services like

    14) Have someone popular endorse your app.

    15) Participate in Forums – Some forums you can check out are iPhonedevSDK and Toucharcade.

    Bunches more from that site.

    The Ultimate Guide To Mobile App & Game Marketing - AppFreak

    also provides useful information. Hope that helps!
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    How about mobile PPC? Which ad networks better for it?
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      Originally Posted by aff101 View Post

      How about mobile PPC? Which ad networks better for it?
      This is dependent on the offer type and its target market.

      Interview reputable ad networks to find out traffic type, volume, etc., select one and then find matching offers for that traffic - ask your Affiliate manager. Offers come and go traffic sources are more stable, if your offer is pulled you can easily replace it with a similar offer.
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        You may not like what I'm about to say, but I'm speaking from experience. You need one or more of these things to succeed in the app market. If you have an unoriginal app/game in which competition is high, you will need B and C to even stand a chance. Also, social media can help, but if you don't already have a huge following, you'll be wasting your time...

        A) An innovative, unique, or revolutionary app/game and lots of luck (i.e. if someone reputable posts for you on Reddit/YouTube/etc., you're probably in the money)
        B) Lots of money for advertising campaigns like Pay-Per-Install(PPI) through Facebook/Tapjoy/Appbrain, etc. to get up in the top charts. At a PPI cost of $.20, which is pretty low for an install, you'd need to drop a minimum of $2000/day to maintain a top 50 ranking. My head spins just thinking about what it would cost to maintain the #1 position. Anyhow, the good news is that once you get in the top rankings you'll start getting tons of organic installs meaning you can start to ween yourself off the payed downloads.
        C) Good ASO. Just like in the web search engine world, people tend to find their apps through search most of the time. You miss this, and you'll miss tons of opportunities to get downloads. Additionally, I have yet to see any studies on this, but I think offering your app description in multiple languages would boost downloads immensely.
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    May be this article can help you. Could you tell me little about your app so that I can share my opinion with you.
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    You should give a social networking site like facebook a try and if your game is good you will definitely get good installes. You should give request techniques like candy crush is providing.
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