NEED Recomend For good & cheap advertising for new mobile apps

by airil
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Hi.... Im newbi on mobile apps, now i want promote my new mobile app, anyone can tell me good and cheap mobile advertising? Like CPI

Thanks B4
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      Originally Posted by websiteonlinesolution View Post

      Mobile advertising formats are becoming more dynamic and complex to match the expanding capabilities of smartphones. Instead of static banner ads, more mobile advertising now includes video and interstitial screens.

      If you are a mobile publisher and want to grow your mobile advertising revenues?
      Utilize our online platform to access advertising inventory in over 200 countries. Website Online Solution helps mobile publishers monetize their content globally better than anyone in the industry.

      ok.. but i need for promote not for monetize
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    Beside banner adds you can use text messaging, but you'll need numbers for targeted areas where would you like to send.

    In your case i think it's better to advertise via banners if you don't have numbers for sending text messages
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    Hi My fren,
    Certain points i want you to keep in mind when you select the Ad network.
    Cheap Ad network does not mean you will be get better conversion or Higher conversion. Instead work with leading networks like Admob, Leadbolt, Vserve, Inmobi etc. Target and Optimize the campaign with Good creative, Landing pages and keep changing them from time to time. aim is to get best CTR higher the CTR the lower would be your costs.
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