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We use a several different platforms for making mobile websites and a couple of them have the capability to plug in code from Adsense or another ad agency.

Does anyone here know of a service that lets you create and run your own ads?

We are working on a local directory and would like to be able to sell and run ads withing the directory for some of the businesses in the directory. It seems that we would need a solution that allows us to make our own and control what ads run where.

Does anyone know of such an animal?

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    I hate to bump my own thread and I am sorry if thats a no no.

    30 views so far and nothing. Is it safe to assume that there is nothing that will meet our needs?
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      Well, let me post a reply at least You said "capability to plug in code from Adsense". Do you mean you're looking for an ad server solution where you can run your own campaigns, but if there are no campaigns you want to automatically run AdSense in your zones? Perhaps this is what you were looking for: AdGlare | How to backfill your zones with Google AdSense?
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