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Anyone encounters the same with new admob?

When I check my new admob account at

I received this notification:

"Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address. Fix this now"

I click "Fix this" button and found out below Message:

Congratulations! Your earnings have reached the verification threshold, so we've started the process of verifying your account. This will prepare you to receive your first payment once you've earned the payment threshold.

To verify your account we automatically generate and mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to the payment address listed in your account. Once you receive your PIN, you'll need to enter it at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, your account remains active and you may continue to show ads and accrue earnings.

I check the details and found out I have my old address there, and no way I will receive the Post Mail they send to me that has the I cannot verify my address..

I updated my New address, and I read in the knowledgebase that it will take another average four weeks for them to send new post mail with the PIN to the updated address.

Anyone encounters the same way, any actions you've taken so far?

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    Dont see what the problem is, you should have updated your address when you moved unless you are using a false address on purpose in which case this is the reason they send out the PIN to the address on your account to kill off the scammers.

    4weeks is slow but I doubt there is much you can do, maybe the 4 week period is to prevent people using a temporary address.
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    When you migrate to the new admob platform, they now tied up your account to Google Adsense. In my case I left Google adsense long ago, I just select that account without knowing I need to update the address. It has the old P.O. Box of the company where I am previously working and that company already shutdown.

    I have updated my address now in google adsense profile with the current P.O. box, and yeah I just need to wait their long process in this case.

    I don't have problem with old Admob platform and last week, they send the remaining revenue to my Paypal Account.

    I just hope this helps other people, because this is an added security measures on their side where they send the PIN via post mail when your account earnings have reached the verification threshold.

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