How Does My Landing Page Look?

by Bruha
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I'm looking for some feedback on a mobile landing page I built this morning. I'm trying to build a list of customers for my local area so that I can sell SMS and email blasts to local businesses.

Here is the QR code if you want to scan it via your smartphone.

Or, here is the URL if you want to just type it in to your browser.

Bend Mobile Deals

Thanks for any feedback.
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    I would add some color to at least part of the background so it's not all white (looks boring). And just curious as to the all blue text. Blue text is usually links.
    Just my opinion.

    Good luck.

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    I will try adding a little bit of color to the background. The blue text I thought looked nice, but if it is going to get confused as a link I'll change it back to black. Will work better with a colored background anyways.

    Do you think I'm asking for too much by putting all those optional fields in there? Or, should I just ask for the mobile number?

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  • Not sure about the color scheme, but it's all there.
    Good luck with the campaign
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    Just trying to figure out best ways to advertise this list. I've created a FAcebook page for Bend Mobile Deals and invited all my friends to like the page.

    I've posted on Craigslist for my area.

    I'm thinking about running some facebook ads, but not sure how effective they are. Any ideas?

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    GOOd job,,but look little basic need little more passion, thats my idea but if still work you are good to go
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    I'm not sure what you mean by needs more passion. Can you elaborate?

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    Bruha, the link is dead.

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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    link is working for me. Not sure what's going on RaymondB.

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  • Hey Bruha,

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    The landing page looks very basic. You could improve it a little bit on the content and design.
    One idea would be to actually add somewhere on it couple coupons or an example of the message they will receive so people will know from the start what their signing up for.
    Second, I would bring the form up a little bit more to get it fully above the fold.
    Third, to make it easier for the user to sign in, you could lose some of the form fields if you don't plan to use them in your sms blasts(like sending an offer specific to women).
    I would combine First and last in one field called Name, I would lose the Gender and Date of Birth
    Also, you would have to decide what you're focusing on, SMS or EMAIL and leave only one of it for better results for your clients.
    Also, the logo shouldn;t be yours but something like "Central Oregon Exclusive Deals"

    Hope it helps.
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    Qr codes are becoming more popular. The best idea is to promote them offpage

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    I love google and yahoo

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    Ditto what Adrian said. People don't like giving out too much information - ask for their age and gender and they might get hesitant to subscribe. If you have the money, invest in a good design for the landing page - a book DOES get judged by its cover, and often enough people don't open it up if they don't like the cover. Good luck!

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    I just upgraded to iOS 8 with my iPhone 5c. When I use the default, mobile safari browser, your landing page does not fit on my screen like a mobile site should. It looks like a normal site and not a mobile one. Does that make sense? It has that "far away" look.

    Just an FYI.

    Has anyone else upgraded and tried the site?
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