SMS Marketing For Restaurants

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Hey Guys,

How many are you on focusing on the Restaurant Niche for
SMS Marketing?

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    I do but not only restaurants as there are tons of other prospective clients in the local. :-)

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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      The Reason Why I asked Is because I work
      with a lot of Retaurants

      (We Do POS Systems and Credit Card Processing
      and we focus on the Restaurant Niche)

      I am looking for people that I can refer mu customer to for
      SMS Marketing

      I prefer somebody who has actually done SMS marketing for
      Reataurants and has gotten them some good results


      If you can drive Biz Op Phone Calls .... I'm Buying

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        I sent you a PM Jack.

        Want real world field tested SMS training? SMS is what I know. You can check out our best stuff here:

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          yeah, there are many mobile apps developed to increase the sales of the restaurant business. Some of the popular apps are Belly, Pirq, Elite, etc.
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          Originally Posted by Jason Bell View Post

          I sent you a PM Jack.
          Got It Jason

          PM Me you Phone Number please


          If you can drive Biz Op Phone Calls .... I'm Buying

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            Sent you a PM as well Jack.
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    We've done a little sms stuff for a small chain advertising to their list. Essentially we used a freebie to get people to join and kept a record of inbound calls.

    We encouraged the company to send texts when:

    Theres a big event on ie enjoy the match/xfactor with a family meal deal

    Its really quiet and to generate instant sales. Tonight only its bogof

    I've got a little resteraunt guide which looks at how they can replicate the ice bucket challenge and use competitions to drive profits. Drop me a pm we can talk if you think ot would be of interest.

    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    Mobile marketing can be highly effective for restaurants, here's a few use cases for you to pitch:

    The savory smells from your kitchen can only travel so far to lure in new diners. Extend your reach by advertising promotional mobile keywords in print ads, your website, menu, or even on your window. Get instant word-of-mouth marketing by updating your social media news feeds on Facebook and Twitter to excite your customers and their friends. Gain valuable Likes for your Facebook page by offering exclusive deals like Facebook Coupons.

    Cultivate customer loyalty from your desktop. Reward customers with promotional prizes or deals they can earn with each visit through our Loyalty Program. Make your customers feel like VIPs by sending them Mobile Coupons with exclusive promos. Keep them informed about new menu items and upcoming events through monthly email newsletters. Then build relationships by sending an MMS or Mobile eCard greeting on holidays or your customers’ birthdays.

    Restaurants always have down times or slow days. Turn silence into hustle and bustle by sending a limited-time offer on your customer’s preferred channel, be it mobile-text, email, instant-messenger, or social media. You can also schedule a promotional message to go out at specific times like happy hour or at any time interval, including daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Nobody likes to be stood up, but when it comes to restaurants, canceled reservations also means lost business. Remind customers by sending a helpful SMS Appointment Reminder before their reservation time. Set these reminders to be delivered at any time, whether it’s a day in advance or just an hour or two ahead. And if they can’t make it, they can cancel with a simple text reply, freeing up their table!

    This of course is just the tip of the iceberg, mobile sms and mobile apps are becoming necessities for restaurants and retailers so make sure you take this opportunity to pitch mobile marketing!

    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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    You'll need different approaches for different types of restaurants. Frankly, I think that the higher-end restaurants won't be interested at all - they would consider it tasteless to send text messages to opted-in diners advertising the expensive foie gras and wine from France, or whatever. These kinds of establishments rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising and exclusivity.

    You'd do better, I think, marketing to middle-brow and fast-food/"popular" establishments. These places would probably have a higher turnover of diners, who would also be more likely to be interested in offers (who wouldn't want to find out about an offer for an evening meal, if it meant they could take their girlfriend on a date to a nice restaurant for, say, 30 bucks cheaper?)

    Good luck, though, let us know how it goes.

    ULTRA SMS SCRIPT - A Powerful and Complete Text Message Marketing Platform

    Whether you’re promoting your own business, or offering SMS marketing services to your clients, we give you maximum impact at minimal cost
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    You can refer me.. I work with large nightclubs and use several type of SMS and now MMS. I use Viral SMS which builds DOUBLE opt-in lists faster than anything I have seen.

    Imagine the power of sending a pic of a nice dinner and saying.. This is waiting for you now! Buy one get one free! or, whatever offer.

    I also tie my marketing with building Facebook pages/mobile websites to create synergy in the mix.

    Ed Youngblood
    409-466-9562 Text.
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    Jack - have you found enough answers for what you're looking for? I may be of assistance with a new startup I've launched. PM if interested in discussing.
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    Openly speaking, nobody likes SMS marketing do you? Whenever we get Promoted sms's in your cellphones we don't even pay attention to them do we, who does it anyway?
    - In the other hand maybe a restaurant reservation confirmation via SMS sounds more appealing.
    But mass SMS'sing people offering food services is something most people would probably dislike and possibly ignore, consider some others going one step further and complaining to their carrier about these SMS's

    My two cents there
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      Hey Doc,

      You do realize people have to OPT-IN to get sent a text...right?
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        Yes people have to Opt-in to your sms list -- SMS for restaurant can be great marketing, specially if you offer them an incentive (ex: get a free dessert for your opt-in) text next day - "How was your visit? " -- they answer and you send them a discounted coupon.

        Works extremely well!
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    One thing we've found was the addition of inbound SMS not from short codes (Text 55555 for special). But organic text messaging directly from website using our gateway has really increased visibility and opened up a new communication stream for our clients.
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    How can i make more genius on SMM...
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    is it sms marketing still work in your country. BBM marketing seems prospectiv enought
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    SMS marketing is new idea... its increase customer relationship..
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    Sending messages via mobile whatsupp, viber, imessager is more effective, cause it can contain a picture, a contact, etc. And it's cheaper than regular sms.
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