Hello to everyone... I am new.... this is my first post!

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Hello everyone, my name is Mike Wyotski and I am completely new on this forum, I have spent some days looking around and till now I like what I see. I hope I get to know you all a bit better and wish you all luck in your internet marketing business, I really like this collaborative and supportive forum.


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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum. Tell us more about yourself, where are you from? What do you do/like other than SEO stuff? Do you need a vacuum cleaner? Etc.

    All the best,

    Joe Mobley


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    welcome to this forum
    News & Media Website
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    Welcome Mike. There's a ton of great information on the WF, whereas down here in the OT section we like to have a good laugh (mostly at each other).
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    So that blind people can hate them as well.
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    Welcome to the Warriors Mike. I hope you find what you are looking for.
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    Hi Mike. Welcome to the WF bar.

    Um......new guy buys the round.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    *waves* Welcome to the warrior forum!
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    A B-I-G T-I-M-E W-E-L-C-O-M-E Mike.Here is the bomb.
    Keep doing it.
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    Welcome Mike, may you enjoy your time here on the Warrior Forum. We all hope you find what your looking for and trust you will contribute as well. Please would you care to share your visions or plans?

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