How About Cheering Me Up With Some Music? (UPDATED 11/24)

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I recently got back from St Barnabus Hospital to see my Aunt Roz. She is dying from Leukemia and they they she has hours to live. This woman practically took care of me growing up as my mom had to go out and work all the time so Roz fed me and kept me in line. She yelled at me more than everybody here combined.

Anyway, I can use some cheering up. So how about some feel good music to help lighten the mood? No depressing songs about death or any kind of misery allowed. Just feel good music.

I'll update at a later date when she passes. Like I said, it's only a matter of hours according to the doctors.

** UPDATE ** My Aunt Roz passed away this morning. I was one of the last people to see her yesterday. The funeral is tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Thank you to everybody for getting me through this difficult time.

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