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Which bank is the most accommodating and efficient for Internet Marketers? Please share your experience/opinion?
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    That is impossible to say because people here are from all around the world.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    I would suggest trying to find a bank that has branches local to you. Make a list, then visit:
    Bankrate.com Safe & Sound (tm): Bankrate free rating system for banks, thrifts, credit unions and check out how they are rated. I would not put any money into a bank that isn't 3 stars or better.

    I had three business accounts locally at one time. The first was where I set up my merchant account (it was much less expensive going thru the bank than not at that time - 1989). Moved all my merchant deposits to another local bank because they were closer to my home and had some problems with the first bank that are too long to get into here.

    The 3rd bank had some personal accounts and I wanted to have a small deposit checking account for wire transfer purposes that would allow me to easily sweep my funds from business to personal and have less time/exposure to fraudulent withdrawal. That bank has a minimum required funds on hand of $200 to avoid monthly charges.

    Look locally - make a list - check them out at the bankrate link listed above - visit each of their websites - if they do not have a means for you to do business online, cross them off your list (being able to check your account saved me twice from fraudulent withdrawals) - write down a short list of what type of money you would expect to be depositing, try to get the lowest fee account possible, then either call or visit the person at the nearest branch.

    Banks live off of fees so expect them to push you towards the higher fee type account - you may need that at some point but in most instances you can start out with the lower/lowest fee accounts they have. Remember they are a business, you are their customer, they need to work for you or they do not get your business.


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