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Farm and selective cultivation that is.
Fungus-growing ants selectively cultivate their crops -- ScienceDaily
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    That was really interesting. Now if only the ants could tell us the secret of getting everyone to work together well towards a common goal. lol. Makes you wonder if they have their problem "child" ... like the ant that just wants to sit on the couch and eat fungus all day.
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    Yeah it was interesting. I knew about those really tiny red and yellow bugs called ant cows, but had no idea they were into agriculture. Back when I was a kid, scientists considered ants to be the most intelligent creatures on earth next to humans. They seem to have lost some of their status to animals such as primates, dolphins, and elephants, but still are amazing little creatures - who just, in my eyes, got a lot more amazing.

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      If you haven't read it, I can heartily recommend the book "The Soul of the White Ant" by the naturalist, Eugène Marais. It's still considered the definitive account of the weird and wonderful life cycle of these insects. I guarantee you'll learn something astounding.

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