I got stopped for speeding!!!!!

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I thought I could talk my way out of it until the cop looked at my dog in the back seat.

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    OMG... THAT WAS FUNNY.... I don't care who ya are, that's funny right there.
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    LOL - I've seen that one before but it's still funny
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    I have to ask, how fast were you going?
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    That was too funnY!!

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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    That's good. Haven't seen that one before.
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    No seat belts on dog????:rolleyes:
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    What strange senses of humour some people have.

    This was neither funny nor even mildly amusing. Dogs unsecured in cars at any speed are a menace in the case of a frontal collision. Even a small dog represents a significant hazzard and they have been known to be responsible for serious injury to drivers and passengers as well as being injured themselves.

    In the case of a tail-end collision, dogs have been known to be thrown through the back windows of their owners car and through the windscreens of the impacting car. If you have ever seen it, not a pretty sight.

    I believe this photo is a photoshop mock up but I hope any dog owners or any of you who transport dogs in your cars will invest in the security and safety represented by a dog restraint harness or a secure, made to measure cage.

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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    art your crazy, that was both harmless,probably faked as you yourself surmise,and hilarious.

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