Cadbury in the US: Fans stockpile sweets

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Hershey's has successfully blocked many of the British original versions of Cadbury's chocolate and other confectionery being imported to the US. They have the rights to sell it here as they manufacture it under licence here. Thing is, they make it (mainly the chocolate part) to their own recipe which is sub-standard and taste like crap.

Hershey's chocolate itself is a sickly over sweet abomination to my palate. It taste like cheap, imitation chocolate that you can buy in the penny kids (or a few pennies now) counter in the UK.

Full story: BBC News - Cadbury in the US: Fans stockpile sweets
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    Canada did something very similar. But it was an overzealous food inspection agency, not corporate protectionism. Or was it...?

    Canadian food inspectors ban MARMITE and Irn-Bru for 'unapproved ingredients' | Daily Mail Online
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    There will be lots of international smuggling going on for sure!

    A few years ago I was in a Kansas City store which sold Sth African Cadbury's. I thought that was odd, but fortunately it tasted just like Aus/UK Cadbury's.

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    Hershey's in the US is filled with gmo's etc. People were starting to buy more organic chocolate, so no doubt someone pulled some strings to get rid of real chocolate. Hershey's sells their organic version overseas where gmo's aren't allowed, but the US is now the landfill of the world where they feed us any swill that people are stupid enough to swallow.

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    people are hording cadburys here too

    the chocs are getting smaller but the price remains the same
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    Ever notice the chocolate from Germany tastes the best. clean smooth ... pure yumminess.

    Eat some of that and the stuff you get here quickly becomes unappealing.

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