Careful out there - Your TV is spying on you

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Several Samsung Smart TV's have voice recognition in order to complete commands you say to it. The privacy policy says they may also record your conversations and send it to third parties as part of training the VR. Tell your uncle to cut out the risque jokes he tells every year at the Super Bowl.

Forget Big Brother is watching, Samsung is listening |
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    This reminds of The Riddler.

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    Yeah, a while back someone asked what the IoT was. Well, it CAN be used to spy on people. And TODAY, there is really little you can do to track it. Unless you have a traditional sensor you can identify, or see/hear something from it, you may NEVER find it. It could be wireless, on a sideband, and triggered by a special motion or phrase, etc....

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      I bought an Xbox One for the holidays and set it up with me as the primary user.

      Now, even if the kids have been playing for hours, or even if they're just watching TV, whenever I enter the living room for the first time for the day, Xbox says "Hi Perry!"

      Still freaks me out every single time it does it.
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    From the thread title, I assumed this was going to be about the cable TV companies being able to collect massive databases of micro-demographics based on everyone's viewing habits. They already know what you are watching, when, for how long, etc, as well as obviously knowing your name, address, phone number, etc. A ton of statistical assumptions can be made based on one's viewing habits, tied to individual households, and then packaged and sold. Multiply this by millions of households, and you have pure gold.
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      I saw that on the news this morning too! I don't personally care if anyone is listening to me. There's nothing exciting ever going on. I think the media blew the real story up a little too much but it does seem creepy.
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    Listening to people's private conversations is creepy and perverted. Just one more good reason not to bother with having a TV.

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      Technology was and is always the future. Any high tech products in the market, as long as they have a wifi with camera or a voice recorder, any of them could be used as a spying device. In my opinion, it's hard to stop all the spying.

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