Needy family loses everything in fire. Would I be out of line if...

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Post deleted at family's request.
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      Thanks for your thoughts and input. I don't have a WSO which is too bad because that would make it much easier to raise more money.

      That would really and truly be a fire sale!

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          Thanks so much - donations of any size will help!

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    I am so sorry to hear about that. Have you tried as well sending emails to close friends? im sure you have. Lets still be thankful that no one got hurt in that fire.
    hates the rain
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      Hi Ken,

      I hadn't thought about emailing friends - I will do that right away.

      You are right, the important thing is no one got hurt or worse. When you look at it that way then I guess you can't say they lost "everything". They still have each other.

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        It might help to post the ages, boy or girl and clothing/shoe sizes of the children. Someone may not have extra cash laying around but may be able to send a box of clothes/ housewares, etc.
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    Here is my suggestion for what its worth.

    Go here. Get free business cards. Something loud and eyecatching for colors. yellow and red, black and yellow..something that will catch the eye. On the card have a short synopsis of the issue, and the paypal address. drop those business cards at every convience store and market around your area

    Next put up a small web page. If you buy the domain, for like 9 buck (or a 5 dollar domain at godaddy auctions) i'll gladly host it at my host. I have tons of extra room. nothing special, pic of family, maybe their burned stuff if you have it, and a pay pal link. My host has wp installs, i'd be glad to throw up a quick wordpress install for you, it will take about 20 mins. If you don't have the money, i can make it as a subdirectory of one of my sites. like i said, i have a LOT of host resources that aren't really doing anything, but your own domain name might go over better with visitors.

    then take that address of the page, digg it, put it on every social media you can find, and twitter.
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      Well I guess no good deed goes unpunished...

      I told them I was asking for help here online and they were not happy about it at all. Said they "didn't want EVERYONE knowing their business."

      Funny it won't be long until most everyone is town knows their business.

      Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, ideas and donations.

      I really didn't think it would have been a problem...

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    When disaster strikes some people their initial reaction is a kind of shame, almost like they are embarrassed,even though they had no control over it.

    Given a little breathing room, they might change their mind and even become thankful and gracious for any help they get.

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