How to make a million dollars on Etsy -- buy from Alibaba and run your store like eBay

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Others, such as Alicia Shaffer, are using Etsy like eBay, buying items wholesale from huge retailers such as Alibaba, and reselling them through the site.

Shaffer claims her store, ThreeBirdNest, earns her just shy of a million dollars a year. The second-most successful store on the entire site
The short and interesting post is here,

How to make a million dollars on Etsy

Joe Mobley
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      I read that story earlier today, I guess she's found a loophole around Etsy rules.
      Until someone reports her, I'll be right back

      The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Black hats are in again this year, too?

    Seriously, though - Etsy isn't that bad. A lot of members of my website use Etsy to sell their rocks/slabs/cabs and don't do too badly with them.

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    probably the most stupid thing you can do if you are bringing in that much revenue.

    why would you purposely go out the way to create competition and needlessly jeopardize your business.
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