do you recommend me any headphones to avoid damaging my ears?

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I need to buy a headphone that does not harm my ears, because i like to listen audiobooks everydays. Many thanks!
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    These are well padded. They carry a slight risk of suffocation though.

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    The problem is that earbuds are direct. Headphones are less so, but STILL. As they get closer to the eardrum, and have less dead air space, the volume makes a bigger difference. FRANKLY, I think the audio industry should be sued or something. What they REALLY need is a device that would cost a few pennies to cut out the sound over a certain volume. I am SICK of these audios that can'tbe heard unless you turn the sound up, but one part is TOO LOUD!

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    If you don't want to damage your ears don't use headphones maybe use a speaker. But don't worry headphones will not make you sick it will just lessen your ears hearing power and that's good sometimes because you can filter out what people say that you don't want.
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    Try to mild the volume of your headphone every time you listen to your audiobook. Loud volume will surely damage your ear.
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