Katie the giraffe to give birth live on the Internet!

by WalkingCarpet Banned
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My question is if YOU were that giraffe would you like the birth streamed live on the net???

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    No, the real question is, how many people would have dinner and risk watching it?

    I always watch MASH when having the main meal, and it would end up in a bucket if the surgery scenes showed what they were doing.

    I used to live on a farm, so l have seen plenty of cows giving birth, not a pretty sight sometimes, and it is easy to lose your lunch if you are not used to it!

    I bet a lot of children and parents will sit around the PC, thinking happy thoughts, but if it doesn't go the way of a cliched movie birth, the children will be scarred for life and the parents will see their last meal in the toilet bowls!

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    Meh... This seems quite natural compared to half the crap I accidently watch on the Internet :p
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    This is my favorite animal birth scene!

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