AdBlock Plus wins in German court, a setback for Microsoft, Google, and advertisers

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A German court in Hamburg has ruled that the practice of blocking advertising is legal, throwing a wrench into the plans of advertising and publishing giants like Microsoft and Google to stop AdBlock Plus, the highly popular Web page ad blocker.
The German court has set a precedent in stating that users have the legal right to control their PCs and decide what they see when they browse the Web.

More details here.

AdBlock Plus wins in German court, a setback for Microsoft, Google

Joe Mobley
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    That's good to know. I don't use AdBlock Plus because I read that certain companies can pay them to bypass being blocked. I use Noscript and Ghostery instead and they block not only ads, but tracking cookies as well.
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      Ghostery rocks - it allows me to decide what to block and I like that

      of course people should have the choice of what they see on the Internet - and thank goodness for those who protect these rights.
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        Suzanne and Karen,

        Thanks for the tips on Noscript and Ghostery. I will test drive them and see if they are a fit for me.

        Joe Mobley


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    Originally Posted by Joe Mobley View Post

    Was this ever a legitimate question? I mean I KNOW there is an unholy assumed trade for whatever, but almost all of the time, it IS ASSUMED, and NOT a contract! Other times it is hidden, or somehow forced. So the advertisers, and their agents, have NO right to enforce your seeing the ads. YOU are trading your time and computer resources for their ads, and they have NO right to force you to do so, so WHY sue a company that allows you to keep YOUR access?

    As for google, they have plenty of other things they can do, and Microsoft does ALSO.

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