Sick of hearing Die Hard is the best action movie ever made!

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Every list on the net says Die Hard is the best.
Sure its a kick-ass movie and Willis is perfect.
But the best? Nah.

I prefer Predator, Commando, T2 or Total Recall, hell even Robocop.
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    Old movies suck, I get they were amazing for their time but I prefer more modern movies like the new mission impossible, sniper, that navy seal film with walburg etc...
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    What's Eating Gilbert Grape had some action. Remember the water tower scene? Scary stuff.
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    Well, Predator is nice. I DO like Commando! T2 and Total Recall are nice. Robocop is a bit out there. But I DO like Die Hard. although unlikely, it was VERY realistic! T2, Total Recall, and Predator are really FANTASY!

    Commando? Take a gung ho person with military access, that is lucky, and it can happen. Die Hard? Take a gung ho person with highend police knowledge, that is lucky, and it can happen.

    And butters? Some of today's movies are JOKES! Some of the old movies are endless. Look hard enough, and you will find that new movies are often modified, sometimes to a VERY SMALL DEGREE, versions of shows that are 20-50year, or even MORE, shows. HECK, even REALITY is following VERY old movies! In 1927 they had a popular film that illustrated a future that we are seeing more and more. Of course, there was a similar movie made in 1948 that seems ABSURDLY close to where we are. If you tweak the protagonists name/description a little, and look at the concept, you may find that it is IDENTICAL to today! ONE, in 1963 is SOOO similar to today that I don't say what it is, or who the protagonists are, etc... People wouldn't like it, though it is clearly prescient! But it might as well have been about today. It is EERIE! HECK, I watched a movie in 1978. I was SHOCKED when I, late at night, saw a movie that had a nearly IDENTICAL script! NOT ONLY the concept, but many of the WORDS!!!!!!!! The second movie was created in 1941! OK, OK! They were both in different sports! The people they took over were killed in different ways. The signal to the next major player was tweaked a little. Other than that, IDENTICAL!!!!

    I have seen that a LOT! Sometimes, I find that I have the whole script in my head and when too many things fit, it is like WHAT THE HECK!?!?!!?!? I then find I can recite the script paragraphs in advance, and know the whole plot.

    The SAME thing happens in real life when I see what was a story pan out in real life. HECK, one pundit today said that a "new" theory is "Lysenkoism"! "Lysenkoism" was created in the late 1920s!!!!!

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      Die Hard is the best action movie ever made!
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        Originally Posted by discrat View Post

        Die Hard is the best action movie ever made!
        Then Die Hard 2 was probably the worst one ever made.

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          I can't say that I have ever wasted any brain cells contemplating the subject. Thankfully.

          Cheers. - Frank
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