The country you want to live in

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Where do you want to live? And why?
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    Living in Uruguay or Paraguay is great. Good weather almost all year around, cheap good food, low taxes. If you work over the Internet and need only web access to earn money - you can do great there. But keep in mind that medical services are limited, nearly no insurance and risk of robbery is high, so you'll have to be good with locals.
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    quite happy where i am now

    less happy about the flood of migrants and foreign dogooders trying to dictate immigration and refugee policies
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    I’m a Dutch native and I Lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland & Ukraine.

    Each country I loved and "hated" at some points.

    Netherlands, love it because it is my native country, I love the freedom of being who you want to be. I love the social security and the fact that even the "poor" people have a real opportunity to get a good education. I love that we have almost no mountains or hills, I love biking, I love the water, the channels and the flowers.

    What I not like, are the narcotics that are free available. The 1001 rules we have on the most stupid things and the fact that if you have money, you can’t flaunt it.

    Belgium, love it because I can speak my native language there as well and when they speak back it sounds great. I love the nature, the history and the art from Belgium. Chocolates and fries are very tasteful as well. I like their school system what is better as in the Netherlands.

    What I not like is the lack of being honest to each other. What is the problem with saying to somebody that you not agree, not like him or not want to do it. There is no shame in that.

    France, love it because you can live there like a GOD, even when you have almost no money at all. The sunshine, the weather, the food… the life itself…. I LOVE IT. And then all the buildings, the history, the nature. I never understand why Napoleon wanted to rule Europe, when he already has France itself.

    What I not like is, that economical difference between rich and poor is enormous and the chance to escape it is relatively small. Look at the suburbs outside Paris. There they have a problem, that sould be solved.

    Germany, Love it because a deal is a deal and 6 O’clock is 6 and not 6h10m. Germany is thought of, organized and well planned. I love the way they think about ecology and that I can buy a million vegetarian products. I love that I can push my car to the limit on the autobahn, without breaking the law. Germany is just a fantastic country.

    What I not like is, the fact that my German friends are not Germans, they are always late, they are messy and not organized. I hate that almost on each autobahn they are working on it, creating traffic, so I can’t push the limits of my car. But that is all I can complain about Germany.

    Poland, Love it because of the food, the history and the will of the people to be successful. I love that they work so hard to put the past behind them. I love the nature, the little cars that sometimes transport 5 big guys. I love that American movies are shown in English, so I can follow them.

    What I not like are the roads, they are freaking dangerous and way to small. I not like the garbage that people leave behind after a picnic. I not like that a part of the second world war history took place in this beautiful country….When I visited Auschwitz, it made me cry so much.

    Ukraine, love it because, you must be crazy not to love this country. Yes the women are amazingly beautiful; they understand what it’s to be a woman. But that is not the best attraction of this country. Ukrainians are kind, nice and helpful. They will share the last piece of bread with you. The country is enormous and the nature compensate for all the chemical factories in the east. Ukraine has a great history, and if you love churches, you really have to see them. I love the fact that you never can run out of petrol, because a petrol station is always just 10 meters away from the next one. I love that Ukraine is the new USA, that if you have the balls and you want to take the risks, you can be a superstar.

    What I not like is the corruption in this country and the pollution. Corruption is deep deep inside the mentality of many people. I understand that it is there, but it is such shame. And they really need a good system for garbage disposal.

    Now where do I want to live?

    SPAIN off course.

    Why? I love the idea of an afternoon rest. I love Mediterranean food, climate and live style. I love the sun, the sea and olive oil. So if I have to choose where I want to live, it will be Spain. And because I didn’t live there yet, I have nothing to complain about.
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      Originally Posted by allegandro View Post

      I’m a Dutch native and I Lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland & Ukraine.
      Allegandro, what a great post!

      I feel as if I just had a mini tour of several European countries. Thank you for that!
      If you don't face your fears, the only thing you'll ever see is what's in your comfort zone. ~Anne McClain, astronaut
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    I would love to live in Norway, it may be one of the most expensive countries on earth but it will absolutely worth it.
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    Well say allegandro Thanks for sharing your experience about those countries
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    I LOVE the things you expressed, and it makes me want to get back to learning polish, and start on ukrainian and dutch! The ukraine is tainted because of soviet influence. It IS a shame. I have known people from there, and they generally seem nice. And yeah, a lot of the women look nice also. The US probably gets its share, and sees these kind of people, because the US was KNOWN for being so different, politically and socially.

    You MUST be exaggerating about the ukrainian gas stations, or mean 10KM! In the US, we sometimes joke about how gas stations often want to compete head on! You may see an intersection with stations on every corner. STILL, most gas stations are MILES apart. Where I live right now, on one street, there is a gas station where you could maybe go 5 miles without hitting another. It may be the only gas station for miles in ANY direction.

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      Originally Posted by seasoned View Post


      You MUST be exaggerating about the ukrainian gas stations, or mean 10KM! In the US, we sometimes joke about how gas stations often want to compete head on! You may see an intersection with stations on every corner. STILL, most gas stations are MILES apart. Where I live right now, on one street, there is a gas station where you could maybe go 5 miles without hitting another. It may be the only gas station for miles in ANY direction.

      Hi Steve, will try to make a photo next time we pass them. Every 10 meters is a bit over the top but 3-5 in 1 KM meter is not uncommon.
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    Since people offered them up, I should say a few things.

    Unfortunately, the world is changing, and NOT for the better. Had it NOT changed.......

    1. I would like the US because of what it stood for, and just WAS! A lot of good people wanted to be here and struggled to be here. It was seen as a last chance oasis of sorts..... The US was SO nice in so many ways.

    Flash ahead in time a bit. I can't say forward since, in so many ways, it is BACKWARDS!

    2. I like switzerland! The languages are recognized as some of the most useful around and, if you knew them all, you could get around almost anywhere. The society is nice. The people are nice. The infrastructure is nice. The government seemed REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The army was mainly the PEOPLE! Foreign armies HATE that, which may be why crime has been so low, and so many sworn enemies have gone THERE to settle disputes. They believe in property.

    3. YEAH, I like germany also. It is about as close as such a nation could ever be to switzerland. And they DO still remember the world wars and have imposed restraints to limit such things. It is a shame that even THEY don't know their left from their right in that regard, though people are FINALLY starting to point that out. This IS important, since the other side is trying to nudge them over. Their current president DOES know better, and she is doing ALL she can to fight it! Germans are generally known for keeping to themselves. Sometimes others even BERATE them for that. Typical Prior to WWI, the average person may have laughed at them even having a part in such a war. If you think about it, WWII HAD to happen. Did the world REALLY think that the germans were just going to die off, or be killed in a world war attacking them for not being able to pay for the rest of the planet? The ToV might as well have demanded another war. It IS, after all, the outcome that has happened in every nation that ever came close to such a thing. And PLEASE note, I am talking about A world war, and NOT what WWII was known for. Still, the power vacuum created by the ToV was the type that generally causes a tyrant to take over.

    4. Denmark. AGAIN, nice country, nice people. YEAH, taxes are high, but you see them go to worthwhile places. They are PROUD of their heritage, even if they struggle a little too much to be so distant from it.

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    For me Canada and sweden are the best place where i want to live
    i don't' know why because i never visit them but i really love this two country and i'm always searching and reading about them ..
    if someone has visited one of these countries it will be great to tell me about what he loved and not
    Thnak you
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  • France is my number one choice. If not it, then we pass to the lesser desires. Something like Belgium, Prague, etc. I would enjoy a central European capital old in culture, great in architecture and living in avantgarde art.
    It's a shame some peope get a bad rep from others. I seriously don't like my country.
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    If I wanted to live anywhere else than the U.S. it would have to be somewhere where the weather is at least mild - all year round, but too many countries that have that type of climate, I think don't meet my standards so maybe I'll settle for the southern part of the U.S.

    That means Florida or maybe California and just about nothing in between. I've been to San Diego at least 3 times and loved the 75 degree weather.

    Anyone know anything about the year round climate in Spain or the southern part of France? Those are two European countries I might like to live in.

    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Lima Peru or Montevideo Uruguay.

      In Lima the weather is nearly perfect. You have a city on the ocean, the food is arguably the best in Latin America. The people are friendly. There is a ton of stuff to do. Obesity rate is very low.
      And did I mention the food?

      Cons: The real estate is about double that of Ecuador etc...

      Montevideo: a city on the Rio De Plata. Pocitos is a great area. There is carne and yerba mate everywhere (2 of my favorite things).
      I would literally never have to cook with all the Parrilla's all over the place. It might actually be true that there's one on every block.

      Cons: apartments are small and expensive compared to most other South American countries. They do have a winter. It gets chilly, you'll need a coat.

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    Where I am. Because I like it

    "Theater, sports, movies, and church are all driven primarily by an ancient desire to be in each other’s proximity." ~David Marcus~
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    I want to live in USA. Actually I want to live in this country for my educational purpose. MIT is my dream.
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    I always wanted to live in Australia because it is beautiful.
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    I want to live in Vatican
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    I want to live in United States because it's my birth place.
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    I want to live my country always from where I have grown up. Because I love my country more than in my life. I think you too?
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