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I have a frustration with a newly created landing page where after the optin is filled out I recieve a warning that too many of these are being submitted ( I am small time) and a captchka is given toffill to prove that I am not on auto.

I fill out the catpchka and the next message is 'go back there is an error'
I go back and have the same form to fill out again with the captcka

I have tested trying to send to outside email addresses to my own email addresses and nothing gets through

I wonder if it is some sort of scam - does anyone know about this

My only current idea is to change my IP address -- tried disconnecting the dsl but that didnt work

there is an attachment with a copy of the warnings etc - if anyone has the time to look at this

Regards Leonard
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    perhaps the opt in on your landing site is blocked by google because it was tagged as a phising tool. Im not saying it is but you need to clarify this and correct the assumption if necessary. This is a major problem that you need to fix to get your landing site up and about
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      have found that the landing page had a bug in it - paid for it but sitll contained some redirection code
      tested it by taking he aweber opt in code sepearted and it worked unless put in the templae

      thanks for your reponse

      Leonard Greenhall

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        Here's another option to consider, I do see you found the problem already.
        FireFox for an example will make multiple page requests at the same time to speed up load time. Some forms and scripts see this as an attack and you get the same scenario as you described.

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