Australia's Nanny State: A Case Of Arrested Development?

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Interesting read. The silly rules and regulations of the laws being imposed by government. are stifling the traditional laid back lifestyles of Australians. Fortunately, many people ignore them. What do the Aussies here think about this article?

I love the pic of the road with the cycleway and pavement (for walking) Houston should have these, we hardly have any paved walking areas.

Australia's nanny state: A case of arrested development? - BBC News
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    The article is true.
    And I'm suprised this guy wasn't arrested for hitch hiking last week.

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    First off David Leyonhjelm is not representative of the way most Australians feel about anything, however most of us ignore rules that inconvenience us, unless there are any police officers around.
    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in - Greek proverb
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    Oh my god. Didn't somebody help it?
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      Yes, l agree to many stupid governers going overseas, getting dumb ideas and implementing them here!

      The one who controls Melbourne is case in point, our footpaths in Melbourne as half pedestrian and half bike lanes!

      I didn't realize what l mess it was and almost got hit by a high speed bike last time l went there.

      Since the bike lanes were barely visible, and bike riders were going too fast!

      At least now there are better warning's but overall really dumb idea!

      Myki is another one, but we are slowly fixing that billion dollar mess!

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